Need guidance - related to Payment and Schedule date

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While making payment ..


I got this message


Payment Reminder

Important Notice - Please Read

Your eligibility is scheduled to lapse on 10 Apr 2015 and you have not yet paid for your examination. Before you proceed to the payment entry process, PMI would like to remind you that when scheduling your examination, there may not be availability at the Prometric testing center of your choice for up to 4 to 6 weeks. PMI will not extend your eligibility based on test site capacity issues that you may encounter. However, you may wait until your eligibility lapses, re-apply for this credential and be granted one full year of eligibility - please be advised the full credentialing fee will apply.

If you opt to proceed to the payment entry process and later decide to request a refund due to capacity issues you encounter, PMI's Refund Policy will apply. PMI will not honor requests for refunds that are received less than one month before the eligibility expiration date.



I want to take the exam date somewhere in July - August 2015.

My PMI membership is valid till 28 Feb' 2015 and Application till 10 April' 2015.

Thanks in advance and welcome in case of any suggestion.

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Please experts .. I need your guidance.

Hi Anmol,

Good day. I am not an expert. I am sharing my experience. My application expired one year after I submitted and I had to fill fresh application to get one year time to complete the exam.

Once the application expires, you need to fill fresh application and on successful review you will get one year time to complete the exam.

You can also contact PMI customer care and clarify your queries.


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I sent a mail to PMI regarding this one and waiting for their reply to come.

My application is valid till 10 April 2015. But I want to appear for exam in July - August this year no before. So, My question is - Can I submit the fees now and take the exam date later on. Any possibility !!

You seem to be an Indian and you know the cost of USD for you. Before 10th April you have to try the first attempt otherwise your application that was approved by the PMI for the PMP exam will expire and you will not be allowed to sit for exam. In case you wish to give the PMP exam after 10th April, you will have to start from the application process again.

PMI membership has nothing to do with PMP exam or eligibility, it’s just for your benefit, actually more on financial side. If you give the PMP exam by 28th February its cost will be USD 405 and if you give between 1st March to 10th April, its cost will be USD 555.

Saket, PMP

Hi Anmol,

I suggest not to make payment as PMI will not allow you to take exam in July/August for an expired application.

Prepare for PMP and only when you are confident you can start application process and make payment after the review is completed by PMI.


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Thanks for guidance.

Now I am clear about my doubts. Meanwhile I got reply from PMI too.

One more doubt, If I need to start again for application process than I need to get PDUs again.

I am going to retake the exam. I failed my first attempt on 16 Feb' 2015.

I am a loser... :-(


You are not alone! Many people fail in the PMP exam in the first attempt. There are 2 rules set by the PMI for this:

1. You have to pass the PMP exam within the eligibility period i.e. 10th April for you. After the eligibility period you can apply for fresh application again.
2. You can try maximum 3 attempts within your eligibility period. If you still cannot pass, wait for an year and then apply for PMP exam application again.

You don't have to worry for PDU for now, I see you still have a chance to retry before 10th April. In general most of the people pass the exam after failed attempt. Now, you have seen the real PMP questions and you are best to decide where you lacked. Make a lesson learnt, get into serious study mode, make self notes while you read books and attempt quality tough mock tests. 

Saket, PMP

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Saket Sir,

I agree that I have time to take exam before 10 of April 2015.

But I am not going to give exam without preparation this time. I took the exam lightly with 10 days of study.

yes, I have good idea about the exam. What I learnt most is. .. While taking exam think from PMBOK point of view not to use PM concepts that we normally use in real life... I assume most of Project Managers would not agree with this point. 

I saw the PMI membership renewal has two options...

1. Economic (65 USD)

2. Regular (129 USD)

I am planning to go with first one.

Now, again a doubt that you discussed above.

"You can try maximum 3 attempts within your eligibility period. If you still cannot pass, wait for an year and then apply for PMP exam application again."

Now, I used my attempt no. 1 only. But one year is over. Now I need to wait for one year. Or, I can appear.

Thank for guidance. I saw your  some good videos on Youtube during my prepartion. time.. If I am right.

Not sure which video you saw that I posted, may be from some different Saket. I am here active for 3 years.

On to your doubt now. I again say, do not confuse with PMI membership with eligibility. PMI membership has nothing to do with PMP Exam, Credentials, Eligibility etc, it is just for your benefit to use PMI resources and discount in various fees. You can even opt for PMP exam, renew your PMP certification etc without PMI membership.

Focus here - your exam eligibility is until 10th April, this means you can try 2 more attempt by this time. You get maximum 3 attempt to pass the PMP exam by/before the eligibility date.

Saket, PMP

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Now most of the things are clear.

Overall, my response. Will start fresh. As I saw the farthest date is (before 10 April 2015) for me is 06 April 2015.


Thanks to Saket and Sathish sir for valuable guidance. 

Dont worry about the PDU's. You can show them again in your fresh application.

As you time till April 2015, you can concentrate on your week areas and give a try before April 2015.

Since your membership expires by end of Feb 2015, I suggest you can renew the membership and go for 2nd try before April 2015.

This will save your money during recertification.($275 for members and $375 for non members) and this has to be done before your application expires.

If you start with fresh application after April 2015, you need to worry about audit, exam fee($405 in case of member and $555 in case of non member).

For the next few days, you can quickly write down your weak areas, Create a study plan and stick to it.

Read PMBOK/or any PMP Exam prep book, you can use this forum as reference, post your PMBOK queries to get answers from the members Then you can take free exams and go back to weak areas again and again.

Once you see postive progress then you may think of recertification before you application expires. re

If there is less or no progress I suggest you to take a break, come back after 3 months and start afresh with new application and preparation.

All the best. Take this oppurtunity to overcome the weakareas.



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Thanks Sathish

I agree with your financial model. But I am working and have already lined up some important schedules in March of nearly fifteen days.


Don't call yourself looser my friend. You still have over a month time to try again. Read one from this  - Rita, Headfirst, Andy along with PMBOK and take tests from Pmzilla, Rita FT, pmpforsure, pmstudy etc. You will pass friend, don’t worry.