Cleared PMP on 24-Dec-2010, in first attempt

I cleared my PMP in first attempt on 24-Dec-2010.

Sharing my experience:
1. Did quick reading of PMBOK, frankly speaking I skipped many pages.
2. Read Rita 6 Edition PMP Exam PREP -- twice, did questions at end of each chapter (most important for PMP prep)
3. Consulted this website for some concepts like EVM, Critical path etc:-
4. Consulted Head First PMP 2nd Edition (2009), has got some simple questions at end of each chapter, but they must be done as part of ur PMP prep. My advice, you must try these questions atleast once.
5. Did two practice exam online (free):
       * Head First PMP online exam simulator:
       * Free exam (175 questions):
6. I use to score in the range of 70% to 80% in all sample tests
7. Gave the full on 200 questions sample test only once
8. When you sit down to take exam at a computer testing center, you’ll be given scratch paper. You’ll also have 15 minutes to go through a tutorial that shows you how use the exam system.
Before you finish the tutorial, take a minute and write down all of the formulas. Write down the earned value formulas and the formula to calculate the lines of communication on the scratch paper. That will make any calculation question easy.
9. Try to attempt maximum questions in first 2 hours because after that time you start loosing concentration. I could finish in 2.5 hours, next 1 hour I did review of some of the answers which I had marked for review.

Rajesh Nair

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Congratulations Rajesh and Thanks a lot for sharing your notes which I have uploaded on PMZIlla. ( Rajesh Nair's Notes ). I must say you have done great job at compiling the notes and I am sure it will be very useful for PMP aspirants.

Enjoy your new PMP status


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Congratulations Rajesh Nair,

Welcome to Elite Club.

Yes, your notes are very good; thanks for sharing it.

Best Wishes,

Lakshmi VR Chowdary A, ITIL (F), PMP

Program Manager, AAHG, UAE

Thanks for uploading my notes and also for appreciating the contents. I prepared it while preparing for PMP. Once I cleared PMP, thought of sharing it with all.


Rajesh Nair


Hi Rajesh,

I am unable to download the file, it downloads as a zip folder however on extraction they get converted to xml documents.  Am I missing out on something?


Hi Gaurav,

Instead of opening the file directly, please save that file as "PMP Notes - Rajesh Nair.xlsx".

It's a .xlsx file, hence it can be best viewed in MS Excel 2007.If opened in older Excel version, then some of the fonts/colours may not appear proeperly.

Rajesh Nair


Thanks, Rajesh.

I do have Excel 2007 on my system.  The issue is that when I download the file, I only get a bunch of xml files.


Don't know why, but by default that file is opening as a .ZIP file. So while saving the file, please change .ZIP extension and SAVE file as "PMP Notes - Rajesh Nair.xlsx", then it will not store any xml files.

It stores xml files only when you OPEN or SAVE that file as a .ZIP file.

Please save that file as .xlsx file and that problem will be resolved.

Rajesh Nair


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Apologize for the delay. Please check now it should download fine.

I have checked, its working fine now.

Thanks again.

-Rajesh Nair



Your notes compilation is excellent. You did lot of effort to put together with all concepts and details. I am using it every time.  Thank you.


Hi Rajesh,

I saw your notes, it is really nice,

Now I have a doubt regarding Exam, Questions will come from PMBOK only? or as in your notes especially HR and Quality many items are out of PMBOK. Do we need to learn those?, How much % of questions will come outside PMBOK?



To be honest, reading only PMBOK for PMP won't be sufficient. As suggested by many on PMZilla, you must refer Rita's book and also attempt some of the online Free exams (PMstudy, Headfirst etc). Lots if people have shared their experiences on PMZilla, would advice you to go through couple of them and plan accordingly.


Rajesh Nair

absolutelly agree. I, as many others, didn't read PMBOK at all. But I still cleared the exam. On the other hand, there is a lot of tesimonies on this forum where people used only PMBOK, but they didn't passed the exam.