Conflict Resolution

Frequent heated discussions with your colleague over an issue are creating a hostile environment. To ease this situation, you agree with your colleague`s point of view. The conflict resolution mode that you are using is:

Choice 1 Collaborate or Problem Solve

Choice 2 Withdraw or Avoid

Choice 3 Force or Direct

Choice 4 Smooth or Accommodate

correct choice is 2 but i selected choice 4. my understanding for the question is that sometimes you may de-emphasize or avoid areas of difference and emphasize areas of agreement in order to maintain relationships, which is an example to smoothing. please help me understand this.

What seems to be here is that, it is a LONG PENDING issue. The project manager has agreed with the colleague's point of view JUST to EASE the situation and thus retreating from an actual or potential conflict situation, therefore postponing to be better prepared.
This is my understanding.
So , Option # 2. Withdraw or Avoid is my choice.

PMP will give you enough hints if you have to choose anything other than option#2. The idea here is literally you ve to use the words as they are given and not to bring in out side influences in between your decision making process. I was doing mistakes in these kind of questions but the moment I start inferring with the only information given in the question, my accuracy increased dramatically.


NPA has found the key. Only use the information provided. Here there is no mention of maintaining the relationship. Does it seem that these 2 will be going to lunch together at this point? No, there is no interest in maintaining the relationship - just stopping the argument.

You start out arguing and then you agree to end the argument which is removing your opinion. If you remove your opinion it is Withdraw.

Yes this is example of Avoid

1. WITHDRAW or AVOID – Method is used when you give up on the situation, due to high level of storm within the people who are in a conflicting situation. Sometimes you need time to bring the condition in control and/or to take preliminary steps before you come up with a viable solution.
2. SMOOTH or ACCOMMODATE – Smoothing works well when people believe in working with each other differences between them are not much severe and few points exist among them, which are in agreement. Here focus on those agreements is used to resolve the conflict. 

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