Fail with 3BP2MP

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I just finish the exam, i think the exam is easier than RITA.
When i finish 150Q, i cannot imagine i will fail.

every question i can understand and answer.

I can't tell how disappointed i am.

I ever don't know i should try 2nd times or not.

The good is ,

i finish the exam finally.
i can take rest.
i can choose continuous to study or just have a dream of 5 months study.

Anyways , life must go on.
see you anyone.

==Update 2==
I feel better now, i would write more of my exam.
Even i fail, still have lesson-learn
The exam is easier then i think.

1.Not much Quality question, just identity the situation is QA or QC.
2.EVM is simple, ETC/EAC/SPI/CPI total 10 question, and 2 TCPI question with given EV/AC/PV or reverse calculation to found EV/PV/AC.
3.No PTA, no depreciation calculation.
4.Not much question on WBS and WBS Dictionary.
5.Network diagram ,find the Critical path, no FS/LS/LF/FF total float calculation, but one free float Q.
6. 7QC tool, under 5 question, like "what should use to xxx".
7. Many procument question,more then 10, the Cost-plus, fixed price, T&M must know.
8. Tucker man ladder total 3 question.
9. S-curve Q x2, no calc. need,but ask the cost is over or not.
10 conflict resolution Q - the question is very clear.
11. the human resource motivation question, easy, just thorey X&Y, no maslow.
12. the most reason or priority of possible conflict (schedule , resource..) NOT ask.
13. ITTO question under 5 and it is easy because the question asking input/output but some answer contain TT, so you can eliminate then.

and more question i can recall from my memorize , ask me if you want.

I said easy, but fail, i don't know why...

Initial :MP
Planning: BP
Exeuting: BP
Closing: BP

i m sorry to hear that. i m appearing in exam after 10 days and now i am scared to hell. i m sure you tried your best. how much you had scored in ur mock exams. in my mock exams my score is always like 66-70%. did you have time to revisit your question in exam.
hope you feel better.

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Whizlabs 4 test x 200Q - %80 (But i did 2-3 times in each to get this)
PMStudy free test - %61
PMP Headfirst free test - %65
RITA Fast Track PMP 200Q 4 times - average 63%
PMP4Sure Free Exam Free - about %59
Preparepm Mock1 75Q + Mock 2 28Q - %78
Simplilearn Free test - 4BP + 1MP
Examcentral free test 200Q x 2 times - 71% and 74%

I don't have time review, when i am doing 190Q, there is 7 mins left.

Hi PMP Fighter,

I think you might have missed PMP in 5-10 Questions.
Where do you live?


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I live in Hong Kong.

Keep fighting and do more practicing and i m sure u will pass in second time just like me .

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How long did you wait to take 2nd attempt?

Sorry to hear that.. But dun loose ur hope... life is full of ups and down.. The reason you failed as you scored BP in both Execution and M&C.. Do some more practice and I am sure you will crack it next time... Good Luck..

But during that month i study daily from 5-8 hours and solved many mocks and practices .
and me and u we share same problem English language so try understand the PMP concept in u'r own language so search any videos or tutorials for PMP in u'r language and understand the big picture than read RITA and u will pass.

Hi PMP Fighter


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Hi PMP fighter

I think you need to get your mock test scores up , Now you know what real exam questions are, you can better prepare for next attempt and dont focus on areas where the questions were not there.

I would suggest you go through PMZilla 200 Qs. usually it helps people clear in 2nd attempt.

Sorry to hear Fail.

I already told you before you need to attend at least 6000 Questions.
And fill up the GAPS.

Any how you free of mind now. You got lot LL about EXAM.
Take a rest, and plan for 6 months study with cool.
First 3 months finish RITA, PMBOK and what else you want.
Next 3 months attend Mock Tests daily basis and wrong one post in Forums for other views to easy understand.

Best of luck