Motivational Theories in exam

I cannot find maslows or herzberg theories on PMBOK 5th edition.  Do we get these questions ont he exam where I need to study them

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Yes there can be questions on motivation theories in final PMP exam. 

Hello Abhishek

                           Its available in Rita Prep guide. Yes it comes up on the exam, (first hand experience)

Yes, I also encountered those questions.

I had about 3 for Herzberg and 3 for the Tuckman Ladder. There was also one question for McGregor ("X" and "Y" Theory).


Though PMBOK 5th edition does not have these theories, there definitely are questions on them (varies from exam to exam). I personally got one on Herzberg, one on Maslow and quite a few on Tuckman Ladder.

Look it uponline or in Rita's book, you will find the content needed to understand the theories. Make sure to understand these clearly, because the questions can be scenario based which will ask you to map the scenario to the relevant theory. So you need to know concept behind each theory.

For your quick reference, here are the ones which I noted in my notes:

Maslow - Hierarchy of Needs - Physiological/Safety/Love-Belonging/Esteem/Self Actualization
McClelland - Theory of Needs - Achievement/Affiliation/Power
McGregor - Theory X and Y -
X= Employees are inherently lazy and need to be micromanaged
Y= Employess are inherently motivated and need to be encouraged
Herzberg - Hygiene Theory - Proper work conditions only prevent dissatisfaction
Vroom - Expectancy Theory - motivation of the behavior selection is determined by the desirability of the outcome
Ouichi - Theory Z - increasing loyalty by providing a job for life
Fiedler - Contingency Theory - Leadership style depends on situation
Taylor - Scientific Management - work deserving of systematic observation and study


Hey guys

                   Isnt tuckman ladder part of team building in HR and not part of motivation theories?


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