PMP Passed with 1 month preparation

I may not read or reply to the post here. I just want to clear few hype over the exam here and live in peace. This is because all these forums did were scare me.

******* I am not guaranteeing it will work for you. Below are My thoughts and perception only and it worked *******

I cleared the exam today (01/19/2014) and started my preparation on (12/22/2013)..Yes less than 1 month ago.

1. I participated in my company sponsored preparation course (Which was through Teleconference and I was on mute and paid little to no attention). Only thing I understood from this was that there is something called Knowledge Area and Process Groups.

2. Never read the PMBOK 5. - You don't have to if you have other book to read.

3. Used only one material - Rita book, this is what I used and I don't know about other materials.

4. You should understand the following things very clearly and this is exactly what the exam is going to test.

a. How each process interact with each other. (Dependencies)

b. ITTO for each process. (Never mug it up, apply logic, It is impossible to mug this up and you are definitely going to mess and forget)

c. Understand what are the major inputs and major outputs of each process.

d. Risk, Quality concepts.

e. Change Management Process, Integrated Change Control.

f. Earned Value Calculations.

5. Write 3 quality 200 question exams. That's it.

You are all set and enough to clear PMP exam if you get around 70-75 in these exams.

That is exactly what I did. My grades were 4P and 1MP in Closing Process


1. Too many study materials out there to sell you and make money from you. One material is enough.

2. Too many people scaring you around to tell you that exam is tough so they can credit from passing this exam or try and make money.

3. There are lot of good free You Tube videos. Enough amount. (Example try Dave Litten for EV, CP)

4. Don't meddle with multiple study materials, Rakesh Nair notes etc., etc., Nothing is needed. I downloaded everything and did not go through many of them or use any of them.
5. Revised the day before exam with Edaward-designer forum PMP section again it is your choice. I found it well written

6. THE DUMP you do before exam is the biggest of all the misgivings that others teach you. If you know, "you know" there is no use in doing this process chart dump. May be formulas might help. But again these formulas are not rocket science. A 8th grade student will memorize twice the amount of formulas than the one you will need in the PMP exam.

7. Please understand that this exam is not about Memory, It is about understanding how 47 processes interact with each other and which process should you focus on a given scenario.

** In short approach this exam freshly and without reading much. You will be alright if you know the points 4a - 4f. **

Again these are just my thoughts and what I did to pass this exam. May or may not work for you.


Thanks for the post as it clears the air. Got my exam next week :)

agree with you Eddie

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Congratulations on your PMP


May I know What was your Average Score in Mock Exam??

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That is awesome quickfirepmp. Your story reminds me of a genetically gifted athlete that does well and wins easily with little preparation. Some of us have had to dedicate a lot of time and sacrifice to study and did not consider the preparation or test an easy feat. I am one of those. But with that said, way to go! You are one that is able to have more time to dedicate to work or other things as you increase your knowledge via exams and challenges such as the PMP. You are very blessed.

Can you please provide which mock test did you used?





Having completed PMP myself I can strongly recommend videos various training providers have on offer. They really are simple to understand and saves time. What worked really well for me was videos peovided by

Hey thats a great job. I am preparing from last 2 months. Now I am looking forward to take a bootcamp because I feel it would help me grasp the details much better. and yes thanks for sharing your experience. Hope it helps :)