Cleared PMP with 2Ps and 3 MPs

 What makes me happy is i took 9 full length mocks and scored the highest in the real exam. The exam is simpler than most mocks. Will post mu LL soon. Now I am totally tired and want to chill. 

 Dear Friend,

           Congrats waiting for your LL.






 Back to LL, I had a tough time to start with. I completed my Bootcamp in August and had plans to appear for exam in October. But had no slots available. So its better to submit application immediately after completing bootcamp. 

I started with Rita before bootcamp. but it was all bouncer. So left it, after 3 chapters. 
After bootcamp, I started with Edwel, the book was easy to follow. Completed chapters. 
For mocks, section wise, I started with Scordos and questions were easy. Then started with Ritas fastrack. 
Later realized I had too many gaps, So started with Rita. Understood the concepts. 
Everyday went through questions from Rita fastrack processwise and cleared a lot of concepts. 
One month before the exam, I started with 100 questions mock, (cornelius Fitchner).
I also purchase BrainBok, their flashcards and ITTOs are excellent. 
I then started with full length mocks, 
Oliver 75 + 175 Q
simpli learn
3 from rita
2 from Cornelius fitchner
i bought pmzilla 200Q but never got time to go through
Be very selective while attemting mocks, Most of Indian Authors try to complicate questions by not using Pmbok terms in questions it confuses you. One such mock is PMPforsure. 
I used to score 70-75 sometimes even 80% on Mocks. 
I went through Pmbok just once ( completed in 2 days,  just last week before exam)
A day before, I just went through Ricardos process chart, ( also memorized 80% of ITTO chart, proves very useful while answering most questions)
Now on the boing day, 
I didnt refer any material, To make sure I am totally fresh while answering the questions. 
After a lot of security scanning, I went inside. Strategy was to take atleast 2 breaks and have caffiene drink in between. 
First few questions were very easy. I just omitted all problem questions for the end. 
there were around 30 questions which were wordy and confusing. rest I was very sure of the answer which I never got even in mock exams. 
It was pure simple english which anybody could follow. 
Around 10 -12 questions on EVM. 
Nothing on EMV. 4-5 questions on CPM. 
5-6 questions on forming , norming
5 questions on mitigation, avoid transfer. 
For most of M&C , questions were related on how will u work on change request. what is next step. 
Lot of questions on risk, and quality tools. few on procurement. More questions on optimizing schedules. 
I completed answering questions in 3 hours 10 mins, took 20 mins for reviewing few answers. 
And then clicked end exam. 
Scored Ps in executing and Closing and rest MPs. 
Ritas book is amazing and so is Fastrack. 
Thanks Pmzilla for all the help. 


Congratulations on passing the PMP exam!!

Can you please compare the difficulty levels of Rita Mulcahy book  (and NOT FastTrack)  end of chapter questions with the actual exam and let us know your opinion??





 I just referred fast track. 

 Sorry for some mistakes in the LL. This is what happens when you try to post LL couple of hours after the exam. I finished my exam first. There were other guys as well for PMP but they all failed.( 3 of them). 

Your energy gets completly drained answering 200Q. A day before the exam, I couldnt sleep because of tension. Next day I couldnt sleep because of excitement. 





Congrats,Is Any questions on Stake Holder Management?


Raj Kumar 

 yes, 2 questions on issue log, 1 question on grid. One ITTO question. what is output of Initiating phase. in all 10-12 I can guess.





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This forum has reduced my efforts needed to clear PMP by almost 30%. I will use it even for gaining PDUs and for  clearing RMP.  

Many congrats and tahnks a ton for the LL !

Just want to know if any of you have taken your exam at Mumbai Prometric center ? How was your experience while taking the exam ? were there any noise and other disturbances ?

Your feedback is very appreciated as I have to be there in few weeks :)  & I will not be able to visit the test center before my exam date


 All prometric should be the same. These are specialized prometric where only PMP , GRE and few other exams are conducted. They wont allow u in without the exam letter. it will be silent and only thing distracting will be keyboard typing by GRE people. You will have headsets but somewhat uncomfortable. 

You cannot carry anything of your own, not ever a napkin.they will scan you in and out. I found the exam centre relaxing as I didnt take a  single break. whereas I used to take 2-3 breaks while giving mocks. 

Thank you