Whats the latest edition of PMBOK? Please sugges the appropriate version by Rita M for PMP exam?

Dear All,

Please guide and suggest as in which edition of Rita to be followed for PMP exam.

I want to give the exam before December  2013 as I would be completing some deployments soon.

Which will give me some free time till next work.

So, request you to let me know the PMBOK and Rita M edition to read in order to pass PMP exam.

There are so many around over internet that Iam much confused now.Pls help.

Thanks a lot in advance,



 Dear Friend,

      Refer to PMBOK-5th Edition and Rita-8th Edition.




I would concur with Vishwanath...PMBOK 5th Edition and Rita's 8th Edition.


Not sure if you are interested but I'm also using the PM Prepcast by Fitchner...its not bad and I also bought the extra exams from him as well.