NAILED IT!!!! CLEARED PMP with 3Ps and 2 MPs

I cleared my PMP exam just a hour back and I could not wait to give my feedback to PMZilla community as this site has given me alot for this exam !!! When I saw the screen showing "CONGRATS", I cannot express my happiness.....:)

MY PMP Journey

I first thought to give PMP exam somewhere in 2009 and my company sponsored the training as well and I got the PDUs required for the exam but after training ..stuff happened in my official and personal life and I never could prepare and give the exam.....

Last year somewhere in August i started preparing and I read half and then again some stuff happened and I stopped it again.....bad!! 

But this year when I learnt that exam will change on July 31st then I thought that it is now or 1.5 months somwhere in June I started my reading again from where I left last year and these 1.5 months were just study study and study ....but with full time job it becomes difficult to invest hours which you want to....i spent approx 3 a hours on weekdays and then on weekends spent around 6 hours..I collected tons of material from internet but then I was thinking when will I have to read all.....when i was looking for some advise on internet...i fround PMZILLA!! I think it is the best support site for this PMP. KUDOS to PMZILLA and all the members who contribute helped me in many many ways for my preparation!!!!


I read only 2 books .....Rita and PMBOK, I read in many threads about other authors but really I did not have time to touch any of them...sometimes I thought I probably may doing a mistake by not reading those books...but i think it not just about books but it about how much you can understand the PMBOK concepts..and how many GOOD mock exams you give!!. Even at one point of time I was thinking to push the exam date by a week as I felt I would be very well prepared but members on this forum recommended not to postpone based on scores and I thank them for the same!! I did not postpone my exam!!!!

Mock exams

Oliver 75 and 175 quesiotns (free) - scored between 73-76% - GOOD ONE

PMSTUDY Test 2 and Test 3 (Paid) scored between 75-80%- GOOD ONE 

PMZilla 30 tough questions scored around low 50% i think - GOOD ONE(this i gave before i prepared completely for exam say around 1 month back i guess)

Rita Fast Track - 2 exams scored around 75% - Good one but costly 

PMPSure scored around 74%

Simplilearn - scored around 77%


I think I was nervous sometimes and confident sometimes...I was swinging between these 2 feelings for lasst 24 hours or so...

I went to the prometric test center 30 mins before and they said they can take me in...I thought OK its time.... 

As recommended by everyone here ..i wrote down formulas and 42 proceses on sheets and started the exam....I think first question started wiith some EVM question....I spent 5 mins on it...i knew the answer was correct but then I thought I need to speed up....I think we should not look at the time till 50 questions are done...unneccessary stress....

I think exam has quiet some questions on EVM, lot of Risk questions, then quiet of them were HR, little questions on communication, lot of situational questions...some confusing ones but I think these could be pretest questions ..not sure though....

I took 2 breaks......actually I am I found out first I can go out and they said yes...half of my stress went down one break I went for a smoke :)

Completed all questions with 15 mins time left and I had marked around 20 questions to review...I went through all of them quickly and correct around 4 of them I think....

And finally white screen came and i am waiting and waiting....then suddenly survey came up and i was looking for CONGRATS message LOL.....completed the survey and then again white screen for 30 secs or so then finally I saw CONGRATS !!!


1. Most important tip would be that you need to finalize a date on which you want to give the exam, without this you cannot complete the preparation, as you can see I have been pushing the preparation since 2009 and even the exam changed in 2011 I think...(thats my viewpoint only)

2. I think if you are working full time then I think you should have at least couple of months to prepare but it will vary for different people based on various factors like PM experience, hours you can spend, dedication, etc

3. Do mock tests for sure and the mock exams I mentioned above are good one's and I felt PMP was little easier then some of the mock exams but I cannot be sure. If you score consistently above 75% then I think you should be good...this is only my view point..others can say different...:)

4. Pick any book you think works for you together with have to read and understand PMBOK completely and every line of it! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

Thats my experience...and once again THANKS to PMZILLA and all the members here..I will be here on this site time to time...



I am going to celebrate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I've been following your posts and questions and now i can feel your happiness, congratulations!

Mine scheduled next week and i've been getting similar scores like yours. I really do want to nail this down!

Have a good celebration, cheers!

 Thanks buddy!! and All the Best! and I am sure you will NAIL it :)



Congrats on your achievement. We had been interacting thru different posts and I am really happy you cleared it. Unfortunately I had a vertigo attack on thursday and was admitted to hospital and got released later on. My exam was on 22nd , which I had to postpone now to 29th. Cannot keep my head straight for long and study.


Lets see what happens, if I can nail it on 29th.




 Hi Subinoy

   Sorry to hear that you had to get hospitalized..I hope you are recovering fast and you will do good with the exam. I have been seeing your posts as well.....

you will NAIL it!! Be confident and you will get there!!

All the best! and let me know when you get your results out!!

Cheers and rest up

Hope so I can make it, your kid words will definitely be a boost




 Your welcome and let me know once you complete your exam! All the best!

 Subinoy...I think you have the exam on wanted to wish you all the best!!

Comon bug up. surely you will clear.

Concepts are already there in your mind. Dont get overstressed.

Wish u all the best for the fast recovery. Waiting eagerly to see the Congratulatory msg on 29th July


Thanks for the encouraging words....:)




Congratulations! I think you really need to celebrate because you've been trying to take since 2009. This is your time to celebrate! Cheers!

I am still reviewing and I think I will not be able to make it before 31st. So I am preparing for the 5th edition now. Hope to see some LLs here for 5th edition passers...

Congrats, again...

 Thanks and true it has been long journey....but it is all about your mind set and when you want to take it up..

 Good luck with your training and next edition exam....keep in touch with this forum does help you quiet a bit and acts as your support system



 Yes , you should celebrate to offload some of the stress that you had been throug.. :)

 Thanks and yup I am celebrating and had peaceful sleep :)

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 Congratulations on your PMP. Very good post


 Congratulation buddy! Being active participant on this forum enhances the chance of nailing the exam.

 Thanks Elton! Very true it does help by active in this forum!!!

 Great Achievement. Happy end to the long journey.

Wish u all the best


 Thanks Bhavesh!!!!!

 Congrats. I know it was a long journey for you. All the best in the future.

 Thanks Nish!!! 


Congrats buddy ! , i knew you could nail it :) , good that you took the advice not to postpone it..

 Thanks Raymond!! It was good advice from all of you!!


Congrats on nailing the exam!  Excellent post! 

 Thanks Tina!! 

Congratulations !!! I was following your post and can feel your happiness...I cleared it too today, with 3P & 2MP... :)...

 Thanks Buddy!! And Congrats to you too!!

Celebration time!!