Sequence in Procurement Closure

I am confused on the sequence of activities performed during Procurement Closure.

I saw different questions asking what should be done first and what should be done last.

I dont remember the exact question. Few of the activities were in all those questions -

1. Documenting the lessons learned

2. Taking Customer Satisfaction Survey

3. Close procurement

4. Administrative closure

5. Verifying the project

6. Archiving the procurement documentation


Plz. help to know the sequence here.

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I have modified project verification to project deliverables verification..I didn't get project verification

1. Verifying the project deliverbales verification or Product Verification

2. Close Procurement

3. Archiving the procurement documentation

4. Administrative closure

5. Taking customer servcie survey

6. Document the lessons learnt



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Credit goes to Rofa. these are not my notes...


ADMINISTRAIVE CLOSURE Closing a project (termination, stops, completion): - NO AUDIT

1.       Confirm work is done to req.

2.       Complete procurement closure (can be done even before project closure).

3.       Gain final deliverable acceptance è project work is done

4.       Complete financial closure (take my money).

5.       Hand off product.

6.       Solicit feedback from the customer.

7.       Complete final performance reporting.

8.       Update lesson learned.

9.       Index & archive records (lessons learned & final report are part of project records).

10.    Release team.

11.    Close contract.

 Dont we release the team during Executing, as part of ramp-up and ramp-down ?

Depending upon the choice given the last activity can either be “Releasing Resource” or “Archiving documents”. Which comes first and last is debatable. If you release the resource, you will have to update project documents again. In order to update project documents, you need resources, in short this is a deadlock situation.

The best way here is, read the question and see the situation given, apply common sense and choose the choice out of “Releasing Resource” or “Archiving documents” that you see most relevant.

Saket, PMP

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I agree with above information and sequence provided. If that was being asked in your questions, I would put the sequence in the similar way and this is waht we have it RITA book and also in some reference materials as well.


But my answer to the question raised in this post. For example you have asked about the procurement document archiving, that is part of of the Procurement closure process which has procurement audit, product verification, financial closure, creation of procurement files & archive.

Release of the team is always final step, as for completing all the project closure team does their part and will be required till the end. So once the project records are archived, the team would be released befor closure.



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Let's say the project is cancel while we are in execution ?

I know we have to go to "project closure" but what will be the sequence ?



 Thanks Guys.

 Sorry guys to come back on this once again.




2.       Complete procurement closure (can be done even before project closure).


11.    Close contract.


the same ?


Or 11.    Close contract. meaning Project Closure ?



Close Contract is not same as Project Closure

For Closing a Project you need to ensure that all the procurements are closed i.e, Close procurement process addresses each contract applicable to that project or phase

Please refer pg No. 341 of PMBOK




A project manager has made the final delivery to the customer and the team is in the process of completing administrative and contract closure. The team has also completed the final version of the lessons learned in corporate database. Which of the following is a critical activity that the project manager should complete before formally closing the project?

  • Confirm that all the requirements in the project are met
  • Ensure that all project management processes are complete
  • * Obtain formal sign-off of the project from the customer
  • Index and archive the project records


Answer (c) Obtain formal sign-off of the project from the customer. The most important part of project closure is to get formal sign-off from the customer. As it indicates, the customer considers the project completed and accepts the completed project. Formal sign-off in a contracting situation constitutes legal acceptance. 


The question says the leassons learned is already completed.So as per the sequence given in this thread the next step should be index and archive records.  We always assume that proper project management processes are followed so we have to assume that sign-off is completed. IF that is the case then the Simplilearn's answer seems to be incorrect.


Experts, plz. help.



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I was going through the thread. Nicely explained the steps for closing the project. But the quesion by @bridge (from simplilearn)  shows the toughness of PMP exam.

During exam all the options seems correct. Everybody says to me always make your best guess. So, it is only the guess that matters in such cases and PMBOK concepts fail.

I just shared this one because there was no answer to this question even after nearly two years.