Passed PMP - June 12, 2013


Passed PMP today. What a relief !!!!
Thanks to my family for their support. I could not have done it without their support.
Thanks PMZilla for the extensive resources, which helped in understanding my knowledge gaps and gain confidence to take the exam. 
I would also like to thank everyone who answered my questions especially CN Patil. You were a great help.
Preparation two months - studied two hrs everyday and 7 to 8 hrs on the weekend.
Books - Read Rita three times, PMBOK 2 times and Head Frirst once?
Mock Exams - PMStudy (#1 - #4), Scordo (#1 - #18), Oliver Lehmann (75 and 175 free questions)
 Make sure leave one week at the end to review PMbok and Rita and your notes.
Exam - similar to PMStudy. Just make sure that you memorize page 43 and formulas. Know the formulas not just memorize them ( thanks CN Patil). Make sure to do the brain dump at the beginning.
It took me 2:45 hrs to answer all the questions.
Good luck to all others taking the exam in near future.
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You are welcome Fariba.


Congratulaitons for achieving the milestone...


CN Patil

First of all congratulations !!! the information you provided would be really helpful. You mentioned something about knowing the formula and nor memorizing them. Could you please elaborate ? Thanks.

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Hi Sugata

What Fariba meant is you need to practice the mathematical quesitons especially variety in EV and CP. So that automatically  get your memory, no extra effort is necessary to memorize. Actually, try to understand the concept of EV questions plus reading the questions to understand.


CN Patil

Thank You CNP, Fariba

 CN Patil is right. It very hard under pressure to know what formula to use. However if you really know the formula, you just need to interpret the question and apply the right formula.

  Dear Friend,

        Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.




 Congrats man!

Wow! Congratulations man! You deserve it. That's really nice of you to share your techniques. - Marla Ahlgrimm

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 Congratulations, Fariba!



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 Thanks. Wish you all the best.

Congrats on successful certification.