Finally- sigh of relief today- Passed PMP

Hi all

I passed PMP today after 2 hectic months of preparation...

It was just  big relief after seeing "congratulations"  at the end... is wat i had been preparing for...

Being the silent member of this great forum on excellent source of PMP preparation i am thankful to all those whose inputs/discussions nad notes helped me a lot..........

Keep preparing with strong will and dedication! you will be PMP ian..

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Congratualtions for your achieving the PMP..


I completed on 27-May. I know it is such a fantastic experience to see the 'Congratualtions' message once you submit your results in prometric test centre..


CN Patil

Congrats to both of you PMPians. Could you please share lessons learned.

Here is what I followed:

Rita 3 times- Need complete understanding of the concepts followed by all tests in book.

PPMBOK- 2 times - certain terminologies and information is missing in Rita.

rajesh Nair/ abhishek notes - for review in last week

Raaga's 355 points.


Rita Fast track: all knowledge area  and processes based tests

fast track PMP   and  Super PMP

PM Study

Kim Heldman

exam central 400 qns

Oliver 75 +175 qns test

scribd 101 qns[good one for   LF/ES/ related qns ]

I was scoring around 70%  ....

Make sure you review your answers in mock tests and understand the concepts.

ITTO- no need to memorize when u get the concepts right. PMBOK  pictorial representation of every process Input/ output makes understanding easy..

Daily I spent 5 hrs study after office hrs- weekend 12-15 hrs....

more details let me kno........... Gud luck...... sky is the limit for everything :)

 @ Patil: yup its such a huuuuuge relief when u pass. the struggle and hardwork has paid off. 

more over i was also wishing to post here as " Passed PMP" just like many others.. every time i read such comments i was waiting for my day and finally it has arrived today ..... :)

 I am appearing next week.

So how did u feel the exam was with respect to fast track questions.


Any recommendation for the last week prep.



Its all about your understanding of concepts!
When you do lot of mock testes you get the direction of thinking..
Fast track is all about making you think in that direction and testing your understanding.. more questions more you feel confident.
For the last week-
-walk through Rajesh Nair/ Abhishek notes and make sure you know all that in it including all important points.
-Raaga's 355 points
- All formulas from Time cost, procurement,framework
[u can refer to scridid 101 qns and additional ]
-walk thro PMBOK again if possible
-Glossery from PMBOK.
-also do as many as MOCK tests. It will help you focus, read questions quickly and understand and time management..

Good luck..........

Can you give me the link to these questions? 

Link for which questions? I didn't get your qn.



Would you please send rajesh Nair/ abhishek notes and Raaga's 355 points to me

I searched but I did not succeed to locate them here.




 Congrats, Rashmi!



 Dear Friend,

       Congrats and thanks for sharing indetailed LL.



 Congrats Rashmi!

 congratulations! :-)

You deserved that after reading your preparation material and mock tests..