Passed the exam

Hi, I passed the PMP exam yesterday.

I used  Rita, PMBOK, Leroy and several sample tests

Good luck


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Congratulations DRS. Can you share what sample tests you used and which one were close to real exam ?

How much time you spent for preparation ?

Welcome to the PMP Club :)


Thank you.  I appreciate it.

I took the training in October 2008.

Started preparing in January.  Took the exam on March 16.

I started reading PMBOK but was finding it hard to focus.  Switched to Rita.  That made it a lot easier to understand the flow.  Listened to Rita's Tot topics CD while driving.  I did Several Practice tests from PMSimulation (maybe once a week  just to get the feel of the exam and judge my progress) .  I studied more intensely the last 2 weeks.  In the last week I did the "Oliver Lehmann "175 PMP Sample questions" test.  After each Chapter in Rita I solved the Sample Test Questions and the Sample questions in the ESI - Leroy PMP Prep book (these are tougher, but will give you confidence if you can get 60 - 70% right).  I tried to memorise the ITTO but gave up after 2 chapters.  I did memorise the Processes chart on page 70 and all the formulas.

The sample questions in Oliver Lehmann are good.  PMSimulation questions are good.   The day before the exam - I took a PMSimulation test - Got more than 75% right (Gave me some confidence).  Actually many questions were very close to the Actual test (much to my surprise !).  My only issue with it is that there are some typos, missing answers, and no explanations for the wrong answers.  Other than that, I found it a useful tool to get used to answering the test.

Summary :

Rita - two iterations

ESI - Leroy - 2 iterations

PMBOK - Once

Practice exams. 


 Good Luck to everyone who is preparing for the exam.


Where can I find the PMSimulation questions, it is a web site or a book?



You need to purchase it (download) from

I believe the price is about $50.


Thanks, J.A.

 Good Luck.


Thanks, J.A.

 Good Luck.



yo dont have to waste any $$$ on getting test questions as there's a free test bank at

All the 300-400 questions are free and there's a few reference materials there as well. 





Congratulations for success.

Please share your lessons learnt which will be helpful for me for Exam in May 09.


Harish Ahire

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