PMP Exam Passed 23rd May 2103 on First Attempt

Hello All,

I passed my PMP exam today at about 11.45am GMT

Here are my lessons learned

My Lessons Learned

1. Materials I used

-Crosswinds PMP Exam Booth Camp (I read it through)

-Ritas FastTrack Exam Simulation (thier questions are rather easy)


2. My Study regimen


-I studied for about 2-3 hours after work every day for the past one and half months. This I must confess was very difficult ( if you live in Lagos Nigeria, traffic keeps you for hours on the road )

- I took about 6 mock exams before my test day.

-I revised a little more the day before and the early morning of my exam day (I don't recommend this for any one)

- Before the exam I did a little brain dump of formulas and the 42 processes- ThisI found very helpful during the exam because some questions just require you understand the order of the process and having that already down saves you a lot of thinking time.


3. Things I would have done better

- Study the procurement chapter thoroughly- I must confess I just skimmed over it and I had about 8-10 questions come from that knowledge area. I did more of guessing

 - I had little issues checking in as I did not have a drivers license or International ID- I had only voters card and they were skeptical about it and had to receive higher authorization before checking me in, I must confess I almost lost my composure.That can affect you on the exam. Please make sure to have the accepted clearance ID.


 You should be proud for your accomplishment 


~ Diba

 Thanks Diba


So  how were you scoring in the Rita Fastrack -- PMP and Super PMP?



Thank yo Rmandal. To be honest my scores on RitaFast track were not so encouragin, I used only Super PMP and I got between 62-68%. But I just followed my gut feeling. it's no wonder my heart pounded so fast when I clicked to submit button. I would not advise you to do thesame, practise alot till you can get above 75% above.

I wish you the best

Thanks..I will do that.

Also, I am also using Crosswinds PMP Exam Booth Camp.

Did you use the Exam Sim that came with good was that?


Were the exam questions similar to Rita's Fast track ? Easier,Difficult?? 

How were the Math questions???


Thanks again.


Yes I did Rmdal, but I installed it on the first system which I submitted to my former working place, I did on the second not knowing it is only for 2 installations, unfortunately the laptop crashed, when attempting 3rd install, it gave me errors.

The cross wind exam SIM is more difficult because they use 75% for pass mark while RitaFasttrack uses 61%. The ITTO bit helped me ingrain it some how in my brain.

I like Crosswinds because of the way they lay it out and make the more imprtant things bolder. I love the way they made the EV formulas easy to remember. I 'm sure i did not fail any EV question

I wish you success as you continue reading.




 Congrats Terick! I am so happy for you, especially considering your busy schedule and extremely tight traffic in Lagos!!

 Thank you so much Uglory. You sound very Nigerian. I wish you success in your PMP endeavour.

  Dear Friend,

          Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.