Passed the PMP Exam (18th May)

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.... with the following proficiency level.


Initiating    -  Below Proficient

Planning    -  Proficient

Executing   -  Proficient

M&C         -  Proficient

Closing     -  Moderately Proficient


Thanks to all the forum participants for healthy discussions, PMZilla is a great community to be a part of. Couldn't have done it without ya all!



Books - Read Rita once, never read PMBOK completely. Just used it in the "search" mode to fill in the gaps.

Mock Exams - PMStudy (#1 - #4), Scordo (#1 - #18), Oliver Lehmann (75 and 175 free questions)

.. and ofcourse active participants on this forum which helped me the most to "benchmark" against the talented "focus group" and make any "corrective actions" to my plan if the "variance" were "atypical" of the standard processes followed by other "team members".

Good luck to all others taking the exam in near future.

Congratulations! I knew you would pass!

 Congrats Crush....

I knew you would do it! Nice....

Been waiting to your LL all evening... More details please?

I am taking the exam in a few days and will send you my scores and will be asking  you and the other gurus  to give me a benchmark of how I am doing....


Nice to hear Crush,  Congratulations;  Its been a Really good Month.. and you too have earned it as well..!


Congrats, CrushPMP. Good Job!

Can you bit elaborate more on the types of questions you cracked? How many EVM , CPM questions? and etc., details.




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Great News! Congratulations.


CN Patil

 Hearty congratulations!!! Waiting to see this post from you. 

Congratulation!! dear CrushPMP

Is your Mock tests help you in the Exam,

How resemble was the exam  , was it like scordo question or PMStudy Questions.

Is it worth to write all full PMStudy Exams.

and more thing , how did you evaluate and filled the gaps of  all written mock exam.

..Please advice... Thanks

Congratulations on your PMP exam success! Enjoy!




hi CrushPMP,


many congrats on successfully passing PMP.




Hey, congrats! What about questions, were they toughter than mock tests?



I am taking my exam next week, would appreciate if could share your exam experience.

Would like to know approximately how many questions were calculations based?
How would you rate the overall exam on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the toughest?

 I took it today and passed on my first try but I would say it was a 15 on scale of 1-10   It was so much a

harder than the mock exams I took. I had about 30 math and critical chain/float/lag questions. 

 I don't know about you , But I had no doubts that you will pass, I am surprised by the result though I was expecting 5P's for you :) Good Work

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 Congratulations and thanks a lot for your active participation and contribution on PMZilla. Do keep visiting here and help others

 I knew you would pass after seeing hour mock scores.  Congratulations!!  I know you are relieved. 

Congratulations :) !!

Your reverse-engineering study method is absolutely amazing and it worked wonders..!!



 Hi Crush PMP,

I am so happy to hear that you passed the PMP exam.You finally crushed it.

Could you please let us know how the exam was and how many direct/tought/math questions on average.

From which Knowledge area did you get the tough questions.

Also if you could share any tips that worked for you while taking the exam is much appreciated.

In short I am looking for your detailed LL as soon as possible.

I need these details as I am also appearing for PMP on 21st May.

Let me know the details if you have some time in between your post PMP success - weekend Party  .




(longing for those 3 coveted Letters behind the name)

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Thanks a ton, my friends ... We have a super-awesome group right here!

I finally got some time from binge drikning and liver hemorrhage all weekend.

Regarding the actual exam (Keeping in mind that I have to NOT let-out the actual exam questions)

The actual exam was damm close the PMStudy exams, in formal, level, vebiage and difficult level. I definitely think, if you have the time and money, do buy those 4 exams! This is as close it gets to the actual-exam in terms of simulation.

Caveat - Since I did not get a chance to take multiple mock exams from multiple sources, my opinion is biased to the one I took.

Also, I was definitely recommend everyone to read PMBOK atleast twice - You need to know the PMBOK definitions and inherent concepts to nail this exam in one go. I did a mistake of not reading the PMBOK even once and that costed be those BP and MP. Also to support my case - I would say, I got a difficult set of 200 questions. The 1st 100 were tough and I had marked around 60 questions in total where I was able to shortlist the options to 2 choses (50% probability), but nailing the right choice was an enigmatic dilemma.

I would also like to add that there were around 20 calculations questions and around 2 CPM method questions on floats and stuff which I had no idea about. On the easier side there were few questions (<5) that were so direct that you start doubting your existence and the universe around you. There were no PTA questions or Professional Responsibility questions in my set, but that could change, as the selection of questions is randomly done.

All in all, it's a fair examination that tests your core understanding.

I was hoping to get a 5P, but the end, All's Well That Ends Well! A PASS is a pass, irrespective!



Congratulations, and as anticipated, you have crushed PMP exam and took it in your control.

Hard earned victory and enjoy the day

 Cnongratulations Cush PMP ,i am so glad for you that u passed the exam will be on 29 May wish me luck...this will be my 2nd attempt.i hope i pass the exam.

i will try pmstudy mocks exam.

 I am glad you crushed it! Congrats!!

I did it! 4 p, 1 b.


 Congrats Edward!

 Dear Friend,

          Congrats and thanks for sharing LL.