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I have the exam next week and I still have to take a full mock exam. I am definitely planning to do PMStudy exams (don't know how many of the 4, but definitely the free one). In the best interest of time, needed your guidance on which mock exam to take (or is preffered). There are too many badly written exams dnd crappy sources out there, I would want to focus on time and energy on the right ones. Please suggest.

Which one out of the following would you rate closest to the exam?

A. SimpliLearn (200q - Full Mock)

B. Head First PMP (200q - Full Mock)

C. PMBOOTCAMP / TechFaq360

D. Exam Central / BrainBoK

E. PMP For Sure

I saw many post in this forum saying that exam is very similar to Pmstudy..  :)

All the best..


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PMStudy I am definitely going to do.

Any others from the list I mentioned that is worth the time? (8h+)

Well I would say what other quizzes have you done?

That would help determine if you even need to do another mock.

 My next preference would be simplilearn and 100 free qn from pmpforsure...not sure about


And what I feel if we do scordo  (900Qns) + pmstudy (800qns)+ Rita chapter end qn (400qns)+ simplilearn (200qns)+PMPforsure (100 qns)…and get the concept from there, should be enough for my little head…I can’t take more..

But again it is my personal opinion.. 

Best wishes for your exam..

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^ Thanks BK, sounds like a plan to me!

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Till date, I have to still finish reading up the procurement chapter (read that once from Rita, but it was a nightmare). Probably will read Procurement from PMBOK this time around.

Regarindg Mock Exams

1. Oliver Lehman (75)

2. Oliver Lehman (175)

3. Christopher Scordo (#1 to #14)

4. Rita's end-of-chapter questions has done when I was reading the lessons (not recently)


 I took the exam yesterday. And I came across a couple of questions I had already seen in Rita's simulated and pmstudy mock tests. I took 1 Rita's simulated tests, did all the questions @ the end of each chapter, as well as her simulated questions fon each knowledge  area.  then on sunday night before my exams on the following thursday i did pmstudy  mock 2 , and wednesday before my exams  mock 3. These are almost identical to the exam questions. Know ur math well. Especially Evm. 

In short, do the pmstudy mock.

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^ Thank you so much for the information! Beer's on me if I pass the exam next weekend.

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Planning to get the PMStudy 4 exam pack (12-day validity) for $60 - This weekend!

I am also schdule to give exam on 18th May, SO was thinking of which one to buy

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Just a heads-up folks.

I have just decided to take the 4 mock exams from PMStudy and skip all the others.

I have already taken the below mocks. 

- Scordo's (#1 to #16) - 2 more tests to go.

- PMStudy (#1 and #2) - 2 more tests to go.

- OL's (75 and 175)

In this coming week, I'll just take

- Scordo's (#17 and #18)

- PMStudy  (#2) - Still need to review this monstor.

- PMStudy  (#3 and #4)


Does the plan sounds about right? Wanted to keep Friday a little light and not take any mock exams, one day before the exam - Just some light review with a glas of fine wine and good sleep to dominate Saturday

Go ahead

 I just purchased the 4 pack as well.  I just took the first test and got 73%

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 ^ That's a pretty neat score. I am done with 3 exams. Kept the #4 for tomorrow.

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Looks like my workplace has detected that I was spening a lot of time on this forum and have blocked my access! Though I can read the discussions on the forum, but cannot post anything or even login for the past 2 days. I wanted to add my thoughts on few of the discussions going on. I usually dont acces the forum from home as I have too many other (non-study related) things to do.

I'll definitely try to login from home tonight to post the scores of all the mocks I have taken to get an understanding if I can make it on Sat!

I cant to see yout scores too, but I know your going to pass this weekend... Will be waiting for you early  LL this weekend ....

 and got a 72% even 1 point lower then the one yesterday.  I am getting so fustrated.  I have read and read and understand the ITTOs and formulas pretty well but I am not getting good scores.  Very very fustrated.  

if you have scored more than 72%, please be confident and remain positive.

You are sailing through the boat with flying colors

This is not the time to be tensed. Be cool and appear for the exams.

 Don't worry...My workplace too has blocked the site that since yesterday ...I tried on phone, its too small screen for this site

 hi any advice for me? I have one week to my exams

Check yourself with Oliver 175 Q and PMstudy free

See whatis the result and plug the gaps to the extent possible in the couple of days.

Revise the book in the balance 3 days.

Go for the exams irrespective of the result by remaining confident



 hi Dear(s)


i would like to do the free one mock test , as  mentioned earlier  rather than purchasing the paid one... Any Advice..



A. SimpliLearn (200q - Full Mock)
B. Head First PMP (200q - Full Mock)
 C. TechFaq360
D. Exam Central
E. PMP For Sure


Try Scordo chapter 13-18 and Oliver 175

 When your exam scheduled for ?

Mine is on Saturday :)

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 Mine is on Saturday too. In the next 2 days

 any suggestion how to utlize these two weeks... Thanks