First 15 minutes_PMP exam _pls help

 Can someone let me know how to use first 15 minutes of the exam?

I have my own brain dump ready and have to utilize almost all 15 minutes to recreate it

At exam Center.  

Can somebody share some link or something where these details are mentioned?


I saw someone mentioned that first we have to click on something that basically identifying

Yourself, if you don’t do it exam will end automatically after few seconds or something.


I am in real doubt that after entering exam center can I start creating my brain dump

Straightway without worrying about anything? And exam will start automatically after 15 minutes, if I don’t participate in survey?

Pls guide.


Hi BK,

Yes you have initial 15 can utilize for braindump & good idea to write down 43 Process & formulaes in brain dump, nobody will Object.

Just keep in mind that you have to finish Initial set of activity which guides you on understanding of Exam pattern & other sanitary checks.

Go ahead & start preparing for Brain dump.




 I need some more details pls. may be step by step...some url help.

 any input?

 I gonna to write the exam next month and also have a little bit confused like BK.


As I guess the step by step would be like below:

1. Going to the Test center then do some procedures like checking the ID, passport etc.

2. You will have a seat and a computer to test.

3. You will click to start or similar button to start the guide to take the exam

4. The clock will start to count for 15 mins for the guide. During that time, you may hit the "Start to test" or something to start immediately

5. In case you don't hit the "start to test" button, after the clock counting to zero, the offificial test will start automatically.

Please give us the advice that procedure above is correct or not.


Thank you very much.

 Thanks for your response.. so I guess between point 4 and point 5, you don't have to look at the screen at all..

u can creat your brain dump in that period, right?

Someone mentioned in this forum, that initially you have to identify urself by clicking yes or No, if you don't do that exam will end automatically, before even starting..I am not sure if that step is coming in that 15 mins period (is it at the start of point 4?)

any idea?

 This is a para from my LL.

"The biggest mistake committed was, I started doing the brain dump even before starting the tutorial. There was a screen asking me to confirm if I was Arun. I thought that I can complete the brain dump and then proceed. Suddenly a dialog box opened while I was doing the dump which said that if I don’t confirm in another 10 seconds, the exam will automatically end. So please be aware that you need to confirm yourself immediately, else the exam will automatically end."


You can read the full LL in the below link.

 so this screen is coming at the start of that 15 mins or in between?

or is it a complete separate process before 15 mins timeframe?

This sceen is before the 15 mins begins, but if you dont press Yes in this screen, the exam will automatically end. The 15 mins will begin once you press Yes in this initial screen.

 Thanks..after pressing yes, I m into that 15 mins and I don't have to look at the screen and can create my dump I guess and exam will start automatically after 15 mins?


Yes BK, u r correct. But after pressing Yes just check whether the tutorial has started (to be sure). All the very best!!!


 Thanks AP so much for your help and very detail LL. 


@BK: when do you write the exam? Hope you have a good preparation ...