When one should consider that he/she is ready for Actual Exam

 Hello Folks,

I am preparing for my 2nd Attempt of PMP and planning to schedule exam by the end of this month. Below is my score of some popular mock tests. Kindly go through it and suggest is it appropriate time to attempt exam.


Sr Test Specification No. of Qn. No. of Correct Qn. %
1 Frank T. on PMBOK-4 200 173 86.50
2 Tough 160 160 121 75.63
3 PM for Sure Tests 100 56 56.00
4 PM Study 175 123 70.29
5 Head First- online test 200 154 77.00
6 Tutorial Point Test 200 139 69.50
7 Oliver Lehman-175 175 115 65.71
8 Rita- PMP Exam 200 147 73.50
9 techfaq360 200 157 78.50
10 Exam Central 200 166 83.00
11 Oliver Lehman-75 75 41 54.67
12 PMP Mock Lite C. Scordio-13 50 33 66.00
13 PMP Mock Lite C. Scordio-14 50 34 68.00
14 PMP Mock Lite C. Scordio-15 50 31 62.00
15 PMP Mock Lite C. Scordio-16 50 40 80.00
16 PMP Mock Lite C. Scordio-17 50 36 72.00
17 PMP Mock Lite C. Scordio-18 50 38 76.00
    2185 1604  




Hi Manoj,

You seems to be on right track, however, I would receommend you to attempt some more mock tests. 

For example:-

  • SIMPLILEARN provides one free test
  • OLIVER provides 175 questions
  • farndales 262 questions
  • PMZILLA's 30 questions

Target around 3500-4000 questions in total.

All the best for your exam.


Hemant, PMP, CAPM


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 Considering that you have already seen the real pmp questions, try to score slightly better in mock tests. Looking at your scores, i can say that you will pass, but not with certainty. 

There are still some gaps you need to fill and get 5% or so more.



I have seen many of the candidates failed who fake their PM experience especially in Indian Sub Continent. They work as a coordintator or expeditor and desginate themseleves as a PM. So, if u have a real and actual PM experience u will never ever fail. 

But if u have faked ur credentials and remain dependent on so call dumps / real questions u will fail no matter how much u score in ur mock exams. 

This is the main difference between b/w PMP and other certifications. I am a CCIE aspirant, cleared CCIE written and shall give lab exam after getting my PMP but i tell u PMP is even more conceptual than preparing for CCIE.

Hi Manoj,

You are almost on track with almost 75% average of 200 question tests, but what i suggest is get 5% more average,

Along with that, try to recollect what are the other factors which made you to fail in the exam other than technical, like how you organised the time,how you reviewd the marked questions, what type of questions you answered first...so plan thr time with all these mock tests experince..How frequently you monitered your speed,how many breaks you need.

Bbecuase the out come will differ when you are in pressure..

Dont worry you will pass this time..because survey says pass right is more in 2nd attempt..