Passed PMP today (04/13/2013) in my first attempt - 4Ps 1MP

After little more than a month of preparation cleared my PMP today in my first attempt. Managed to get

Proficient in Initiation, Planning, Exection, M&C

Medium Proficient in Closing.


Here is what worked for me:

Went through PMBOK 5th Edition in 15 days

Went through Rita Mulcahy in 20 days - Enjoyed reading this book and solved all practice tests

Spent an entire Saturday and Sunday and solved all Knowledge area questions in PM Fast Track.- nearly 1600 questions and was exhausted but became thorough with the concepts

Spent last four days giving sample exams and here is what I scored:


Super PMP 87.4%  --- 62% - did really bad

Oliver Lehman - 175 Questions - 75%

PM Study 1 - 76%

PM Study 2 - 82% - felt pretty good after getting 80+

Yesterday, the day prior to my exam, I spent around 4 hours reviewing my notes as well as the notes that Chowdhary has created. It is a good one. I was able to recollect some of the concepts I learnt in Rita Mulcahy's book as well as PMBOK. 

Finally, was happy to see the Congratulations note on my screen. Was slightly disappointed with getting Medium Proficient in Closing as I scored 100% in that process group in all my sample exams. Anyways, not a big deal.

I was unaware of the sample exams I mentioned earlier until I bumped in to PMZilla while searching the internet. I am so glad I found this website and the forum. It really helped me. Thanks to all who spent time and posted their notes as well as some tips and tricks. You guys rock!

Good luck to all furture PMP exam takers.



A very congratulations on clearing PMP.

I have taken Rita fast track test, and I have given so far Knowledge areas tests till quality. I do not agree with some of the ans and the explanation provided in the tests. Did you faced the similar situation, or do you think all the ans were correct?




 You are absolutely right. Even I thought some of the answers did not make much sense. However, I had decided that if similar questions come during the exam I will go with my answer and not their ones.

 Congrats man!



Congratulations! You've made it! :) I'll be taking the exam tomorrow, and seeing your PMStudy practice scores helps me feel more confident, as mine are about the same, best wishes on your future success ....

 Thanks. Even I got the same feeling by looking at others scores in their practice exams. Hence, I posted mine as well.

Hope you cleared your exam.


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 congrats on passing,

I have been studying Rita. 

What helped you prepare THE BEST for this exam?



Actually Rita's book helped me the best. I solved all the practice tests in the book. My understanding of concepts was really strong once I solved more than 1500 questions in the PM Fast Track. Regarding sample tests, I felt the ones offered by PM Study is very good. 

Hope this helps.


Thank you for posting your experience and study plan.


What is PM Study 1 & 2?  

Refer to -

Here they offer three PMP exams. PM Study1, PM Studay 2, and PM Study 3. The first one is free. They charge $25 per exam for the other two. I paid for one of them. It is worth the money. 



Congratulations on getting PMP certified.