Final 2 Days -- need advice please help--trying first attempt

Been scoring 61-64% last 5 days, 2 days before I can reschedule or postpone. what would you do, should I take it or postpone ? I know it may sound like a broken record this question, but any insight would be great as I am really confused. After test I feel down with scores below 70%..but next day again I am up and prepping hoping to close the it to point i have to decide now.

When I revise PMBOK4, RITA, NAIR NOTES seems like I got everything in control, but in test I score 112-115/200.

All are 200Q sets below.

PMStudy (paid Test) 4 -  63.43 % 
PMStudy (paid Test) 3 -  60%
PMStudy (paid Test) 2 -  64%

PMPFORSURE Paid Test - 61%

Techfac360 - 72%
Exam Central (Free) 65%
simplilearn 54%
Pmzilla 49% (99/200)
headfirst 64%


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Bury your yourself, and say, "I can do it....This is just a test, let it not overpower me". 


You are the best to analyze your weakness & strength. There is  probability of +/-50. People perform well in more challenging and complex situation.


“No soldier outlives a thousand chances. But every soldier believes in Chance and trusts his luck.”
― Erich Maria Remarque





My personal opinion is dont worry about the percentage and concentrate on filling the GAPS.

Go through the wrong answers and expalnations for them so that when you encounter a simillar question you would know how to tackle it.

Go ahead and face the exam bravely.

This is what I would do if I were you.





 Please be positive and devote the remaining days to intensive revision. Goodluck!

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 I would reschedule

When is your exam? If you did not reschedule or postpone yet, please let us know.

 2 things that can take you through.

Primary - Knowledge

Second - Confidence in your knowledge (you will have to make many decisions when tricky questions come your way in the exam and have to believe in your knowledge to do it right)

With limited time the scores you mentioned indicate that a FEW GAPS need to be plugged to be sure about passing.. 

Most experience forums reckon consistently scoring >70% is good indicator that you are ready. But again, what you do on the day matters most...

What you can try is jotting down the errors in PMSTUDY tests you've given and give sometime to understand them... Sure with what've you already learnt and by plugging the gaps from these assesments will get you super prepared for the big day..


Give youself maybe 2 more weeks (dnt burden yourself with a 1 week postponement) and you'll cream the assesament ...


All the best with whatever decision you choose...

 How did you do? Tips?

haven't given 2nd attempt yet.  reading a lot. doing 2 hour pmpforsure 100Qs. been passing last 2 days..have to take 200Q tests.

I scored in the Mid 80's on all 4 of the PMStudy Exams (relatively close to the real exam) and while I passed theactual PMP test it was EXTREMELY challenging and I felt could have went either way. I felt it was more difficult for sure than anything I was exposed too and I worked extremely hard studying with a strong background in PM. God Bless and good luck

I have 2 more attempts balance, 1 failed. should I try both 2 in the next 30 days ? As I am not sure how much change it will be over to 5th edition just give one hard try and god forbid fail.again then do 5th edition in 90 days or so..anythougths ? 

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