Need Advice on my Rita Mulcahy chapter tests scores

Hi All,

I have been preparing for PMP for almost a  month now. I have gone through PMBook and Rita Mc 2 times, on my first attempt i couldnt understand a word :( and now things are much clearer.After my second read, I started giving the chapter test after each chpt in Rta's book.

I would really appreciate if someone can adive me on two things-

1. How close is real PMP to Rita questions, is it more difficult than this or PMP test is less difficult questions as compare to Rita or is it quite close??

2. Here are my scores so far for chapter test till HR plan, i still have to read further chapters. so what do you all think about this score? Is it acceptable for passing PMP, or after reading the complete book I should re-read the book again? Also, any suggestions on when should I book my test date?


Chapter Rita
Chp 1 No Test
Chp 2(Framework) 20/25 = 80% (Wrong - 5)
Chp 3 (Process) 20/25 = 80%
Chp 4 (Integration) 14/43 = 67%
Chp 5 (Scope) 24/30 = 80%
Chp 6 (Time) 31/38=81%
Chp 7 (Cost) 25/39 = 64%
Chp 8 (Quality) 30/35 =85%
Chp 9 (HR) 24/34= 70.5

Thanks all in Advance for reading my topic and answering my questions

Take Care


Hey Ashu,

Let me try this out:

1. The general (as well as my own) opinion is that Rita's questions are either at par with or a tad more difficult than the real PMP. But I've not heard anyone say this yet that they're easier! So spending time over these questions is surely worth its salt.

2. If these scores are of any indication, you're very much on the right track. But regardless of these scores my advice would always be to read through Rita's book as many times as you can (if it suits you). Each time the concepts would become more and more clear. That's the magic in it.

Your current scores are pretty similar to my scores ( which I had garnered during the same stage of my own preps. I ended up with 5Ps in the actual test. Keep up the faith factor and you'll reach there too. 

Remember, second best is never the best! :-)

~ Diba

 Hi Diba, 


   Do you truly feel Rita is on par with the actual exam? I am testing out on all the chapter quizzes with an overall average of about 76%. I also bought the PM Fast Track which I will begin using tonight. I completed a run through a full 200 questions on ExamCentral and scored a 68% but I did this in 2 hrs with no review of questions (personal time constraint) I will be taking the exam in a week and will be focusing in this last week on a couple of key areas as well as at least 2-3 full exams through PM Fast Track 



Just trying to gain some confidence as the credential means a great deal to me.  



can you please share your experience with  me after your exam next week. i am planning to book for mid of april now so you experience will be really helpful..

 Hi Ashu, 


   I will be glad to share once I have taken, and hopefully passed the exam. Good luck to you in your studies. 

Thanks Diba..

will try to focus on my weak areas.. i am thinking to give test by mid april..