Customer Satisfaction Question

Hi Team,

Got confusion in following question from head first:

Customer satisfaction should be measured at the end of the project to maintain long-term relationships.
Which of the following is NOT always an aspect of customer satisfaction?
A. The product meets its stated and unstated requirements
B. The project is profitable
C. The product is high quality
D. The customer’s needs are met

They mentioned answer as B with following reasoning:

Customers can be satisfied even when a project is not profitable - customer satisfaction isn’t
always about money. Rather, customer satisfaction is about making sure that the people who are
paying for the end product are happy with what they get. When the team gathers requirements
for the specification, they try to write down all of the things that the customers want in the product
so that you know how to make them happy. Some requirements can be left unstated, too. Those
are the ones that are implied by the customer’s explicit needs. In the end, if you fulfill all of your
requirements, your customers should be satisfied.

I understand reasoning for answer B but not convinced that answer A is valid aspect. Can we have unstated requirements ?



Any comments on this please?