Passed PMP with 4 MPs and one BP

 Hi Friends,

I just passed the PMP with 4 MPs and one BP, due to hectic work schedule I was not able to dedicate lot of time, I started preparing three weeks ago, I read Rita's book once and did all the exercises and answered all the questions at the end of each chapter. While reading the book, I really took lot of time in understanding the concepts, theories, etc.  and understanding each line. I read one chapter each day and at last day before the exam I glanced the entire book once and recollected my memories. 

I took the mock exam before I started my preparation and was able to find out the PM gaps I had, this helped me a lot during my actual preparation. I also went through Rajesh' notes, it was very useful.

And during the exam, lot of questions on Earned Value and Critical Path Analysis, few questions on risk response strategies, difference between QA and QC, few questions on team management, one question on RACI.

One suggestion I would like to give all PMP aspirants is to read thoroughly and religiously whatever book you have chosen to study, don't think of covering as many book as possible, if possible choose one book and read thoroughly and understand and visualize the concepts. Then practice few mock tests and analyze your answers at the end of the test. Another important thing is to have plenty of sleep before the day of the exam and the exam itself is very challenging (4 hours), and you need to have lot of physical and mental stamina. Practicing few mock tests will help you to prepare for this.

My best wishes to all the PMP aspirants, 


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Congratulations on your PMP

 Thanks Admin !

Thanks for sharing!  I am taking my exam later today...I'm not nervous yet but still have this fear that I'm not going to pass the exam.  Like you, I read Rita's book and went through all her quizzes, timing myself, never looking at the answers, etc.  I'm just worried that my short term memory will draw to a blank once I'm in the exam room.  I should probably get some sleep so I'll have that stamina and mental energy that you were talking about.  ;)

Thanks again for sharing.  I hope I can post lessons learned if I pass the PMP!  


 Hey, my best wishes for your exam today, dont worry too much, exam anxiety is common and we can easily tacle this, the first one hour during the exam was totally blank for me, I just marked almost all the questions for review, then I took a break for few minutes after an hour and came back and my mind started working :-)I was able to complete the exam in 3 hour and 10 minutes. You can do it, please post your LL once you complete your exam. Cheers!

 Congratulations!! Which area did you get BF ?. 

I got BP in Planning area

 Wow!. This is awesome!!. congrats!!!.

 Thank You!

 I gave myself 8 weeks to study as I have a busy work schedule. I read the PMBOK 3 times. Did some practice tests identified gaps. Also there are some subjects covered on the tests that are not in the PMBOK. you will find a few of those on practice tests. For me I read just the PMBOK and used the free study material on the pmi website. Also took any free mock tests I could find online.

Exam day. Got there at 11:30. I used the entire 4 hours. The exam to me was tougher than the practice tests I took. But I passed and so happy I don't have to study again.

 yeah we need not study again, thats the big relief :-)


 Congrats man!. How many mock tests did you take and how was your performance??.

 Congratulations on becoming a PMP!

 Thanks  foutrepnk517 ! !