Delegation sample questions

Hi Team,

I read in various LL about Delegation topic and gone through chapter by Vijay Verma. But I never came across any question about Delegation in any of available tests.

Please share if anyone have some sample questions on delegation.




You can find questions for Delgation in But just use just before taking exams so that you can understand your weakness before taking final exam 

Thanks pkukilla,

Actually, my exam is next week and gave pmstudy free exam yesterday. I scored 79% in it and came to know some gaps which I am revising this week.

Are these delegation questions in pmstudy paid exams?




 yes they were in one of the paid exams. Best of luck for your exams.

Thanks pkukilla,

I am doing last revisions and yet to give 2 Oliver exams and fastrack final exam. I dont think I would be able to find room for all 3 paid exams of pmstudy before my exam which is on next monday.

Based on your experience, could you please suggest one of 3 paid exam which I should go for?

Also, so far following are my scores, please let me know your feedback on it if I should go for exam next week or should postpone it for some more time:

Head First - 82.5%

PM Study Free Exam - 79%

pm-abc - 71%

PM Road Trip - 83%

Simplilearn - 71.5%




 I m not PM certified yet so i wont be able to make judgement whether you should go for the exam or not based on your scores . I have done Rita fast track,  pmstudy (4) , head first,  simpilearn, effectivepmc, ohliver(75). I observed that in most of the LL people have written Pmstudy questions are close to real PMP i guess its a good idea to write pmstudy exams


How was your exam.