Virtual Study Group Pass your PMP Starts 2/5 8pm CST

I am putting together a virtual study group that will meet once a week virtually through Google Sharebook. You must download the app and post your email so I can invite you to attend. All of us need to learn the material in different formats and styles. This group will be there to help each other out. 


In order to be part of the plan you must have purchase PBOK and Rita book. We will read 2 chapters a week and discuss questions, theories, etc..


The more you put into the group the more you will get out. 


The first meeting will start at 2/5 @ 8pm CST to give pacific time people to get home from work. 




I want to join this study group .Can u pls send the link for the app? I did not find teh app to download



 sorry the app name is google hang out. video confernce app. 

 Is that the same as google video chat. here is my email.

Hello All,


I would like to join this Group. My email address is

I think that this would help everyone. Please advise as to what the next step should be !1





 Please include me in this group.

My email ID is



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 Please add me join this group.  My email ID:



please add me

I could not find Google Sharebook application.

Could you give me a link to that?

 Google Hang out. Not sharebook sorry.

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 I am interested -

 The App to download is GOOGLE HANG OUT. I will send you invite per your email. 

Sorry for the late response.


Next  Conference  2/13 at 7 CST 

Please have read PBOK chp 1 & 2 and Rite Chp 1 & 2. Rita questions on chp 2 prior to conference. We will go slightly over chp1 but mostly on chp 2. 


Look for invite

Is it at 7pm CST which is 1 am UTC/GMT?

Not sure please check the world clock to determine your time. This is beiing held 7pm Chicago time, 8pm New York Time.

Pls include me in your group




 Pls include me in your group


I just registered today and want to join your study group;

my email is


I have submitted a request in Google. Please look for intervinemanagement or my username (not sure how it appears) please accept. Then I will invite people to hang out during the plan study time.

Pls include me in the study group .My email ID is

Lets try to do this agian. YOU MUST ACCEPT MY INVITE IN ORDER TO VIDEO CONFERENCE. There is no way around that. IF you do not accept or download Google Hangout I cannot launch you in the video conference.  Feb 25 6pm CST

I would like to join too...Please add me also ''

Can you please add I would like to be a part of this virtual study group.


 Okay. Only max 9 people can attend the hangout this is Google limit. So first come first serve during video conference. Please login to Google + account and add me prior. 

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