Need help on Q.

What would be the answers of following Q? 

1)  Five tasks are scheduled to be completed in sequence. Each task has a finish-start relationship with the next task. Each has one day of total float. As of today, task one andtwo have been completed on schedule. How many days of float remain in the schedule of these tasks? 

 A - Two 
 B - One 
 C - Zero 
 D - Four 
2) You are the project manager for a large project that is completed on time and on budget. The customer and all of the stakeholders are pleased with the results. As a direct result of the successful completion of the project, your manager approves a bonus of $25,000 for you. There are fifteen members of the project team. One of the people in the project team has been a very low contributor to the project; the other fourteen have all been above standard. What should you do with the money? 
 A - Keep the money yourself; you deserve it. And the manager gave it to you 
 B - Divide the money equally among all the team members 
 C - Ask the team members how they would divide the money 
 D - Divide the money equally among the team members except for the substandard team member 

Q1 --> C ,,Q2-->B

1 ---->B -- TOTAL FLOAT remian balance as predecessor of 3rd activity completed on EF. please MAKE an example try to see its realms.


2 ----------> C Since its bonus of all employees under you, in such position, PMBOK /some mock tests /books suggest to get feedbacks/suggestions/views of concerned employees.