One question

There is one question from an online site that was bothering me. Any posible replied would be welcome. This is just to learn.

You are a Project Manager and a machine component is due for delivery today to the customer. The product is urgently required for the customer, You an your team had took great efforts in completing it. Just as you are reday, there is a call from the Product Manager that one component is found unreliable. The product can go as it is-but the customer will have relaibility problem in future after say, 6 months.

You being a certidied PMP want to deliver only quality product to customer. You want to get this problem fixed and estimate that it will take atleast one week to fix this problem. But meeting today's dead line is very important for your Manager  wants to deliver the product as it is. Your Manager is backed by company Senior Management. What will you do from the below:

a) Resign from the company

b) Deliver the product as it is

c) Call your team and ask them to be quiet on this

d) Meet the customer and share every thing



I find all athe answers unacceptable though I am infavour of option d.

Any suggestions?






I go with option D. Meeting the cusotmer and explaing may result in positive. Customer will be willing to wait for one week, instead of facing the risk after 6 months.

D.  This is actually a very simple question.  No matter what, you have to be truthful and communicate honest status.  This is part of the PMP Code of Conduct and is an Ethics question.  Don't even double guess such questions, the answer is obvious.