PMP Exam on Wednesday... Should I buy PMStudy 4 exam pack

I have been studying for about 3 and a half months for PMP. i have been scoring good on the tests so far. Got about 80% on Oliver, 80%+ on Rita and Kim, 90%+ on Headfirst and I guess 75%+ on any free exam I have taken so far.

To the point, I took PMStudy free test about a month or so ago and got 78%. Took it again yesterday and got 90%. I have been reading a few posts and people keep saying in their LLs that buying the 4 PMStudy exams for 50 bucks was one of the best thing they did to prepare. Shoould I buy it? What kind of feedback do they provide?

Your scoresare very good, and should put you in good standing to pass the exams. It doesnt harm to get the PMstudy exams as additional study resources- which are good. But it is up to you. Good luck in your exams