Response for Accepted Risk ?

While monitoring the project you find that an accepted risk is going to occur. Which of the following will you use to develop for the response?

A. Risk Response Plan
B. Fallback Plan
C. Mitigation Plan
D. Risk Register

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Since its an accepted risk, there will not be any risk response planned , so you should go with Fallback plan.


Sounds Good, Inline with PMBOK.

I saw that question from another source, the answer was Risk Response plan..

Not too sure now..


Also,  why we don't use a contengency reserve, this is what we usually have for accepted risk  ( ok answer is not there )

 D risk register

Ans would be B as said above. Risk Register will not have any information/plan  for accepted risk.


This question belongs to plan risk responce process. For any accepted risk you will use fall back plan from risk register. The risk register contains the strategies, options and actions etc.

because most of the fall back plan depends on situation developed after or during risk is occuring.

Q is specifically asking what you will use to develop the response.

please give answer what thing risk register will give you?

Fallback plan as per Page: 303