Passed the PMP exam on 4/8/10

I passed the PMP exam on 4/8/10 with the following grades

Initiation -     Moderately proficient
Planning -     Moderately proficient
Execution -     Below proficient
Monitoring and Control -   Below proficient
Closing -     Moderately proficient
Professional and Social responsibility- Moderately proficient

 Study Strategy:
I took almost 8 months to prepare for this certification (It does seem too long  !!!) but I put in just 2-3 hours daily .
Unlike most of others I did not start reading the books/notes right away but spent some time in reading the reviews of those who had attempted the exam.

I gave more attention to those who did not clear in the first attempt(lessons learnt !!). It was heart rendering to know that despite putting months of preparation and solving ample practice tests they could not pass the test.
It was only then I came to know that the PMBOK was not the sole reference book for the exam as these people found out later.
(Professional responsibility and negotiations in Procurement management are not covered in 'Guide to PMBOK'.
A few others suggested Andy Crowe's book (The PMP Exam:How To Pass On Your First Try 4th Edition).
PMP Exam Prep – Sixth Edition By Rita Mulcahy was another one.

So I took a big risk but referred only these two books.
(Proved to be sufficient in the end!!!)
I read Rita's book twice ( except the chap on Procurement Management which I read 4 times and Andy's Crowe entire book twice.

Practice tests :

I attempted almost 4000 sample questions which gave me enough confidence to appear for the exam
iam reproducing some links here (all are given in Oliver Lehmann's website) (Some answers given here are wrong so beware !!!)

In addition to this I had another 1400 sample questions given by a friend of mine.

Paid Courses :

I paid for Whizlabs mock tests consisting of 800 questions in 4 tests.(Don't highly recommend this one).

Exam day:
As expected several questions were tricky. Many questions had at least 2 options which were very similar to each other but ofcourse the correct option was only one.
I just noted the question numbers the answers to which were doubtful to me on the scratch paper provided and moved on to the next one.
I did not take any break until I had finished answering all 200 questions.(it took me 2.5 hours and I still had 1.5 hours left)
I spent an hour to review the answers.
I could almost listen to my heart beats till I saw the message on the screen That I had passed the exam.

Wishing all PMP aspirants the very best.



Dinesh Mungara , PMP


Welcom to PMI community. Thanks for sharing and 4/6 moderately profecient, that's very good.

Excellent feeback with links.


Sreenivas Vejandla PMP