Mission PMP Accomplished [Lesson Learned -8th Jan]

Waoo!!! This is the moment was waiting from last one year(writing my lessons learnt)

I took me 6 months to prepare for my exam. 6-8 hrs of study during weekends and 2hrs during weekdays

Study Material Used

1)      Andy Crown- 1 time

2)      Rita’s- 1 time

3)      Abhishek notes

After completing the books I started taking mock test in the month of December which helped me a lot in bridging the gap in my knowledge.

 I found PMI’s mock test by Christopher good as compared to others.

About Exam

Exam was average. It took me 3 hrs. to complete the exam ,without any breaks . Used last 1 hr to review the questions marked for review.  

1)      Lots of question on EVM & Critical Path

2)      EVM questions

3)      Quality

Tips & Tricks

As mentioned by many pmp exam takers , memorizing the ITTO’s will not help , just understand them.

Thanks to pmzilla. Lesson learned shared by people here is one of the greatest motivating factor.

Good luck everyone.


 Congrats!. I like the headline of your LL ''Mission PMP Accomplished''!!.


 Congrats!!! You make the exam sound so easy which is encouraging.Is Scordo mock exam all that you did? Can you send me the link to this mock exam please? Suzanne.porter@wipro.com

Thanks Suzanne!!

I took several mock test available free on  web. Few of them are below

1) PM Study

2) Ritaz Fastrack

3) Headfirst

4) PMZilla tough questions

http://pmi.books24x7.com/toc.aspx?bkid=45515 is the link for Scordo mock exam , it is avaialble to  PMI members for free.


Hi, Accept my heartiest congratulation for passing with flying colors.

Am alos planning to take the examination. Can you please help me with  Rita pm fastrack exam simulation software

Would be great if you could do so :  trishul.sinha@gmail.com

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Thanks Admin.

PMZilla has been excellent source of informaton .


Can you share the Rita's fasttrack software simulation or Chirstoper mock tests to my email id  ssbabu.chn@gmail.com   

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Ssbabu,

Christoper mock test are available for PMI members on pmi.org .

  Congrats Friend,

        Thanks for sharing your LL.



Thanks Vishwanath!!


Can you share the Rita's fasttrack  simulation software??