Failed PMP-Need help-Desperate please

 Hi All

After strenuous disciplined preparation for about six months I wrote the exam today and didn't clear it!!!!

I got questions which had lot of problems and many easy questions.I wrote them in confident and waiting to get Congrats screen but to my greatest disappointment I failed...I came bk home and verified my answers in PMBok and I wrote almost ninety percent correct only.

For few questions I keep changing the answers(flip flopping) but marked correct answer only when I hit next button.

I also took two break for three mins each.

Somewhere I saw that the test is based on psychometric.may be since I remarked the answers again and again (ate least for twenty questions,I suppose)...


Is that the reason that I fail??


Gurus who passed in2012can you please guide me??


Desperately looking out for help,please...



Dear Trysat,

You may feel like a failure , but dear friend, this is life and it is not always going to be a failure.

On PMP exam,

First of all, six months of exam preparation, three minutes of lunch break are not at all a  criteria to clear PMP.

Let me share my experience  towards PMP exam preparation. Hope it may be useful to you.

1. Try to understand PMI approach towards Project Management.

This can be easily achieved through effective reading of PMBOK.(not just reading thrice,four times etc..).

Majority of aspiring PMP's may face challanges here to agree with PMI approach versus their realtime experience.

My approach      - I read PMBOK once and took a  mock exam. I was more curious to know how many wrong answers rather than right ones. For every wrong answer, i referred PMBOK and Rita's book to understand PMBOK better.

2.  ITTO's

There are many methods shared by our dear colleagues towards ITTO'S.

My approach  - I read ITTOS' and tried to figure out to flow between them. Here my real time project experience came handy to great extent. Later you can figure out a way to remember ITTO'S towards exam point of view. No harm in that.

3. Understand the forumlas

My approach - Thanks to PMZILLA forum and you will be loaded with plenty of various type of questions related to forumlas. I felt that is sufficient because questions may be tricky but formulas will be the same.

4. Mock Exam

This was my  Major Step towards exam.

My approach -  Once i was comfortable in the above areas, i started taking mock exams. Here I have to show a huge leap in scoring compared to my first attempt. Obviously I have to.Because by this time i have to be confident in Process Groups, Knowledge areas, ITTO's and formulas.

5.Biggest Challange - But how will i come to know that i will do well in real exam  inspite of scoring good marks in mock exams?

Out of 175 questions you should score more than 150 questions right( or alteast 150 questions). I reached this after 3 or 4 mock test attempts(This should be consistent).

6.Time taken by me

  2 months ( daily 2 hrs, weekend 6 hrs)

Once you are through in this phase , i am pretty sure that you can clear the exam.

Don't give up.Compared to your beginning , now you have put effort, You know the subject. Just a fine tuning may be required.

You will be rewarded at the end.

All the best

With Regards
Sundar PMP.









What is your result process group wise? How many MP and BP you got?

I can bet that you did not fail because of misunderstood psychometric analysis understanding. Your marking technique to review many questions has nothing to do with psychometric analysis.

Psychometric analysis in PMP exam is not documented by PMI but as per my contacts and knowledge there are 3 aspects:
1. Some questions that are intentionally kept long so that you waste time in reading a story that has no relevance to the answer choice.
2. Some simple questions are worded with intentional diverting words so that you get misguided and confused.
3. Some tough questions have high marking so that if you attempt those correctly, you will get more marks in your bucket.
This is all the information I have about PMI Psychometric analysis and it does not apply to your failure. You failed in the exam because you did not answer as expected by the PMI, that simple.

Some certified people have already said the other part so I would not re-word those and type again. All I would say is better luck next time.

Saket, PMP

Hi Trysat,


Its really sad to hear this essentially after knowing you expended close to 6 month on the preparation. Even I dont agree, like SS, that you changing the Qstns multiple times was any factor in determining what came out as the final result. In fact, you changed the Q-A many times proves you were unsure of the Qstns and hence you had to visit and re-visit the Qstns many times.


One factor is surprisingly intoxicating and that is your extra-ordinary skills of remembering the exact questions so that you could go home and do a "Match the folllowing'" of sorts. With such extraordinary memory skills its indeed very very tough to surmise what actually went wrong.


Now, forgetting the past is one option you have. And since your preparation was so very well, so may be you may (read should) appear in a fortnight or so and, God Willing, this time you definitely would see the "CONGRATS" screen for self. God, afterall, is Great!


Take care. Please don't lose the rhythm and go take the exam in not more than 20-25 days and with such extra-ordinary brains you have, soon you would have it.


Until then, please dont forget or miss to enjoy....



Hi Trysat,

Try lots of good mock tests available for free, here is the list I have with me...

PMStudy Free – 200 Questions
Simplilearn – 200 Questions
Oliver Lehmann – 75 Questions
PMPForSure – 100 Questions
TechFaq360 – 200 Questions
Passionatepm – 100 Questions
Bestsamplequestions – 160 Questions

Rameshbabu, PMP

 Thanks Sundar,Ramesh,Saket and KK for responding back.

I got the meaning of psychometric now.probably something else could be wrong in my side.I got 77% in Oliver,73 or 74% in head first and 70% in PMStudy  68% in skill port (my organization sponsored) this is the most toughest I would say and finally 72% in Kim heldmann two mocks. So I shud have at least taken MP in alls least case. Anyways gone is gone....

Can u please help me for the following

(1) how do I start the learning process? I learnt Headfirst once,PMBOK three times,Rita sixth edition two times, and just glanced Kim Heldmann once...Wrote down the Page43 and all formulas in the first fifteen mins.Did not take the fifteen mins test at all. (is that necessary??)   Please help me for the new learning plan.

(2) recommend a good material for sums.i got around twenty tough questions which I have never seen those before in any mock. Rita is not helpful  for this.

(3) Steps for reapplying for the exam. Please don't say refer handbook of PMI

I will take the missing Mocks suggested by Ramesh.


Please help me with my queries.

Thanks a ton.




Hi All,

Could you please help me with point#1 and Point #2 ? I am desperately waiting for it.



 Hi Trysat, please clarify what you mean by "good material for sums" in point #2 so that we can assist.

Hi All,

I wish to inform you that I succesfully passed PMP yesterday with 5 MP's.

Thanks Sundar,Ramesh,Saket and KK for helping me.

My LL:

Getting motivated by your replies, i started repreparing and this time different approach. Studied line by line of Rita and PMBOK.

Main Reasons for passing the Exam:

(1) Abhishek's version of Rajesh Nair- Notes. Read this two times.

(2) PMZILLA Tough 200 questions. Please buy this  and prepare one week earlier

(3) BrainBok forumula challenge Exam-75 Q. I will strongly recommend this for anyone who wish to pass this in first attempt. Honestly i do not know about this when I wrote the first time or else I would have passed already .

Anyways I am satisfied that since I read lot of times, I will remember the concepts for a long time...

Thanks a lot Sundar,Ramesh,Saket and KK again!!!


Congratulations Trysat.



Hi ,

I am not able to buy/subscribe to the brainbok for PMP premium plus using debit/credit card.

How did you do to subscripe for brianbok. My banks are not tied up with paypal account and hence the cards are not allowed for paypal transactions.





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Congratulations TrySat..:-)

Its your dedication and thirst  towards PMP helped you..

Happy for you


Congratulations again...



 Thanks Prashanth.....