PMP scheduled for Feb '13.

Dear all,

Wish me luck... have scheduled my PMP exam for early Feb'13 yesterday, will be great if interested aspirants can connect with me to form a small study group, have been on my own for 3-4 weeks now and think a study group will definitely help, PMZilla seems to be the right forum to look for team mates..:)

This is going to my second (hopefully my last successful attempt), wanted to wish all of the readers a Merry XMas and successful new year ahead..!


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Thanks admin, the post is really helpful.

My lessons learned from 1st attempt is lack of practice, if you are attempting a question set that has comparatively lengthy questions then what you faced during your 1-2 practce tests, then you're to face the same situation as i did, fact is that i underestimated the 4hr duration and that's where i struggled, realized that i was totally exhausted.. was tense and couldnt eat - a common problem with most of us appearng for exams.



 Dear Friend,

             I am interested to join your study group. You can contact me at



Hi Vishwanath and Mnair,

I am taking the PMP exam in FEB 2013 and have completed reading and understanding all the chapters from PMBOK  guide. I would be interested in sharing experiences and lessons learned with you. Please get in touch with me at




I m interested to join the forum. Please get in touch with me




I would like to join this team for the pmp study group & discussions to be held in Feb.

Kindly get in touch at


Dear Friends,

I am planning to take an exam in Feb 2013. Please include me in the study group. My email id is




I am also planning for Feb 2013. Please include me too

i have just started with Head First and will finish in a week's time.





I am also interested to join the study group,planning for Feb'13

 add me to your list   madunix_at_gmail_com


please add me to your list


I'm having exam booked for march 2013.


 I am planning in feb, please add me in group:


I am in.please add my mail id have scheduled my exam on 21st Feb




Has anyone inititated this group study - Please update.

Hi All,


 Please add me also I am also planning to give the exam in Feb 13


My email ID is

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looping me in your network...


Please let us know.