Preparing for PMP exam

I want to prepare for the PMP exam...would like to look for classroom training since i believe self study would not prepare me for the evaluating some providers like PMstudy, PMTI, Project Management Academy, Simplilearn etc. Thinking of going with PMstudy..can anyone let me know how good is PMstudy?

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PMStudy is good has lot of positive reviews in this forum. You can search for PMStudy here

 Hi Ed,

PMstudy is really good. I am enrolled in its bootcamp and currently having a great learning experience. It really is very good for what we invest to learn. Prepares well, great material and even better mock tests.

Highly recommended.


 Hi PMstudy is good institution to prepare for PMP.i have joined thier classes and it workd well for me .

You can check thier site and even you can check this link

you will get lot of information 


Thanks for the information..This is really good information..I am also thinking of attending their classroom training.  I had tried PMstudy's simulated practice tests and they were really. Further, they also give a breakup of whcih knowledge area you have not scored well. This is helping me in preparing for the exam.  Other source which I have found very use full is

Ed, I would suggest that you also take classroom course (preferably PMstudy's) and try out the free online simulated tests that are avaialble online. Wish you all the best for your exam.



 Hi Kevin,

Thank alot for your information on PMstudy training. I am registered for their program and finding their online course very useful.

Hope to have a wonderful experience with PMstudy which would help me in clearing my PMP exam!!





Hi Jenni,

I am planning to join too for the 4 days Boot Camp in San Francisco. CAn you pls let me know how much you have paid if possible? Would help me.

 I have done my classroom fromm PMstudy, it worked for me.It cleared my doubt .

Thier online prep course helps a lot and also the instructor was contain good expereince in PMP training.

I will perfer PMstudy... rest you compare and decide .




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I found cheap pmp course just for $49 this is the only course 
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 Its not about getting a 35 hours certificate, but to understand the concepts. whiqiq, you have everyday training and lot of people join doing a webex session. 

In communications management plan, you learn that this form of learning or communication is highly distractive due to lot of noise. and communication channels. 

Best is face to face classroom training. 







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