Direct & Manage Project execution

 Which option is NOT representative of the inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs of Direct and Manage Project Execution?

  1. PMIS, Project Management Plan, and Deliverables

  2. Deliverables, Approved Change Requests, and Project Management Methodology

  3. Approved Change Requests, Recommended Defect Repair, and PMIS

  4. Approved Corrective Actions, Project Management Methodology, and Implemented Preventive Actions


I find none of these options are correct, although the key seems to say C is correct.


Change requests are an output of D&M Project Execution and that change requests inculde recommended defect repair.


Anyone agree with me or do you see a reason why C is the right option?

Can tell the source of this q .

 @sspawar it's Scordo Set10 / Q40.

i am more and more losing confidence on the correctness of answers given in scordo.

PMBOK specify clearly that

Defects repair are out put-  and it is recommended Defects repair.

Something there is a wrong or someone who had solved these serieses, could tell about.