Question on early termination

Hi Team,

Got following question from site:

The project team and contract administration personnel have determined that the seller is incapable of fulfilling the terms of the contract. To get project back on track the original contract will be terminated and a new seller chosen. What's the first step that should be done to begin termination of the original contract?

a) Perform a buyer-conducted performance review.

b) Initiate the contract closure process.

c) Submit a contract change request

d) Write a letter of intent to the seller

The site has mentioned (C) as answer with explanation that early terminations begin as a contract change request.

But I think answer should be (B). I couldn't find anywhere in books that early terminations begin as a contract change request.

Please let me know if I am missing something.

For any changes(even for termination) to contract it has to go through the "change control board". Once approved the next step, in this case, is the closure process.


It could be Close Procurement since early termination of contract is special case of Close Procurements