Close the Project/Procurement

While closing a project, what should we do in the last?

Is it Close Procurements or Releasing Resources assigned to the project?

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Step by Step

  1. Develop Closing Procedures to help you get a closure easily.

  2. Complete Contract closures – this area may need to be done multiple times for each contract. No project can be closed without the contracts being closed first.

  3. Confirm Work is done to requirements – Verify product scope requirements – without which you can’t get the project signed-off by the customers.

  4. Gain Formal Acceptance from the key stakeholders.

  5. Final Performance reporting to be submitted.  Do not miss this step. Most people never do the documentation, and just move on to other projects. This careless attitude can get you penalized in the PMP exam.

  6. Index and Archive records so that any thing can be found easily, and quickly.

  7. Document Lessons Learned on this project, so you and other project managers can benefit from them, and do not have to start from scratch.

  8. Hand off completed product to the customer or stakeholder.

  9. Release resources back to Functional Managers. On the exam, always assume that you are working in a Matrix organization, unless the PMP exam question states other type of organization structure explicitly.


Kapil Kumar

Dear Kapil,

Thanks for the response.

I have one query to your steps mentioned. Should not step number3 come before Step number 2?

As per my understanding, once scope is verified and all deliverables are as per Requirements, only then we should close the procurements. If it is not as per requirements, we will have to do the required changes and we will have to  get it done  as per requirement from seller.


Please respond.





Closing the project is different at least from closing procurement. A procurement can be closed yet the project is still open.  So therefore, the latest activity as regards closing will also be different.

For example, the last activity for closign a project could be a grand celebration where every stakeholder will be invited, the project management team could be there together to celebrate. he he he!

While under closing procurement, the story would be different.

There is lot of question on closing, and thus lot of confution, many books write about, but no end of confusion .

my FEW points:
•Team release as per PMBOK, no any process or activity, in Closing Group, - In pmbok it is as release resourses - as a part of Staffing management plan. Like all other activities of all process groups closed properly in project close process, it will also closed.
•Procurement - Close procurement may be as big as a Phase of a project but close project process done after close procurements.
•Contract - may be as big as a Phase , and it includes all process groups except Initiation and Closing. and it is part of procurement .
•Contract closing means close procurements.It may be a close Phase but not lose project.
•Close procurement has its own closing process, which is detailed in ch 12.

Available on PMI eRead

Domain V – closing -- sequence

Closing the Project —8 %

Task 1

Obtain final acceptance of the project deliverables by working with the sponsor and/or customer, in order to confirm that project scope and deliverables were met.

Task 2

Transfer the ownership of deliverables to the assigned stakeholders in accordance with the project plan, in order to facilitate project closure.

Task 3

Obtain financial, legal, and administrative closure using generally accepted practices, in order to communicate formal project closure and ensure no further liability.

Task 4

Distribute the final project report including all project closure-related information, project variances, and any issues, in order to provide the final project status to all stakeholders.

Task 5

Collate lessons learned through comprehensive project review, in order to create and/or update the organization's knowledge base.

Task 6

Archive project documents and material in order to retain organizational knowledge, comply with statutory requirements, and ensure availability of data for potential use in future projects and internal/external audits.

Task 7

Measure customer satisfaction at the end of the project by capturing customer feedback, in order to assist in project evaluation and enhance customer relationships.

Knowledge and Skill: E

• Contract closure requirements

• Basic project accounting principles

• Close-out procedures

• Feedback techniques

• Project review techniques

• Archiving techniques and statutes

• Compliance (statute/organization)

• Transition planning techniques