Passed PMP on Saturday(06/19)- Thanks to Simplilearn

Thanks to - I opted the basic course and it was really good. The lessons are very focussed and result oriented; so was the practice test also. I would strongly recommend the course to all who are preparing for the exam.

This is the dumbest of way advertising SimpliLearn!  No body who follows this forum will buy into this.  Stop this kind that does not help any body

That was my view point of a course which helped me in preparing for the Exam, not an advertisement.You can check my credentials in PMI registry.

Renjith Radhakrishnan

I saw similar statements promoting Simplilearn on thsi forum on 2-3 occassions.  People do visit and spend their time to read: 1) Lessons learned 2) Tips 3) Study material 4) Mock up exams 5) help with Questions and answers 6) help with PMP related issues etc.  We all have an obligation not to waste their time with not value added material.  The thing that bothered me in your post is: There is no genuine passion, excitement of passing PMP and try to pass on the expereince to help other aspiring PMP candidates.  I am not questioning your credentials but I expect lot more about the PMP preparation journey from a candidate who just successfully went through the ordeal so would be PMPs get encouragement, learn DOs and DO NOTs, avoid pitfalls, accelerate their preparation methods etc which is TOTALLY MISSING in your post.


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I agree with Chandra,

If you want to advertise, Pay PMZILLA in there section and create a Thread for yourself and ask all those who followed your material to weigh it and compare it's usage with other material provider's.

Thanks Chandra for giving you honest opinion.

I'm sick of these type of topic .... totally waste of time ... we all know the purpose ..