PMStudy Vs Rita

I see every body mentioning about PMStudy mock tests.  I have Rita's.  Is Rita's SuperPMP enough or do i still need to purchase PMStudy. 


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You can take the free pmstudy test and if you score low take 1 more.


Rita is good to study as a book as the questions that you see from Rita will not be applicable in the real PMP exam. Rita has applied her own brain in framing questions and her individual thought does not work.

PMStudy Free is good, all it’s paid has similar repeated questions.


I tried this:

All questions they have are quality and resembles the real PMP type.


 Even I had the same thing, Every one is talking about PMstudy online course, So I have taken their online course and it was good. Now i have joined PMstudy classroom course.


Thanks all!! the group rocks..

After a year I am back to this website. This group is awesome and helped me a lot tp pass my PMP exam.

Infact I have also taken my PMP classroom training from PMstudy. They are great.

To me Rita's book and simulator is excellent

 Hi Sampathgowri,

Not sure about the Rita's book but I can assure you that PMstudy mock tests would do the job..I had taken up their course and cleared it in the very first attempt.I am now a successful PMP..Would personally suggest you to go for PMstudy course. All the best!!




I agree with Harry. i also think Rita's book is good but I guess PMstudy materials have been quite appreciated and even their online tests are said to be quite similar to the PMP exam.

It is highly recommended that you go ahead with PMstudy.

All the best!!!



Hi Sampathgowri,

I am not sure of Rita's materials but would definitely recommend PMstudy to you.

You can first take their online free tests and then go for classroom training so that you get confidence in their study materials.

I have also done the same, had initially enrolled for their online course and then signed up for their classroom program. You know what ? they gave me the classroom course after deducting the amount already paid towards online course. So i dint have to pay any extra amount.

Hope to hear from you if you tried PMstudy free tests.

All the best for your preparation!!




You do not need to spend lot of money buying propritery tests. But be wise to visit multiple websites and give test, This will improve confidence. If u are pmp member you can visit knowledge center too. It has vey good information.

With reference to your question I endorse pmstudy free test and pmfasttrack


Rita is good but PMstudy mock test is very much effective. It will help you to know how to go about the PMP exam and score good in every knowledge area.


 Hi Sampath,

I think you should contact pmstudy once and try thier online course .it will be a great help as they have quiet decent and proper approach. It will surely gives you some confidence for the PMP exam

I think then you will be in a better position to judge ,


Happy learning