Passed PMP 2nd June 1st Attempt

I passed PMP yesterday. Thanks to the PMZILLA forums for providing lot of useful information especially LL. I started studying for PMP March end and studied for 2 months with great dedication. 2hours daily and 6-8 hours on weekend. Books referred - Rita Mulcahy and Andy Crowe, not to metion PMBOK. Took lot of full length sample online tests. I also paid pmperfect for there online practice tests, they have some good set of questions very similar to actual exams. Scoring 85%+ before the exam. Also Andy Crowe 200 question test was good but i found actual exam slightly more tough then these exams - scored 90%. Also took Edwel and effectivepmc 200 questions. These 2 exams were tougher than actual exams. I scored 71% and 65% respectively but was not discouraged as I felt these were tough. Apart from these took lot of sample questions from various sites. Now here comes the real deal, the actual exam

- Not very tough, but not easy either. Will keep you on your toes. You need to concentrate hard to read between the lines and understand the ACTUAL question.

- Lots of  1 liner questions were also present to ease your nerves, but do not underestimate them as the choices could be tricky.

- Apart from 1 liners all other questions around 150 were situational based, some had easier options (1 obvious choice), mostly had 2 choices correct (Choose the best one), few there is only guess. If you know your material well and think from PMI perspective, you will get them right.

- Formula question were very easy. No need to spend and $$ for formula book. PDM was also easy and straight forward.

- Need to know each of the 42 processes really well. The reason for there existence, what they do, what they do not do and how they fit into the overall life cycle of project. Understanding the overall big picture and what fits where is important to know. Page 43 of PMBOK helps.

- DO NOT WASTE TIME IN MEMORIZING INPUT/OUTPUT. If you concentrate on the point above you will logically know I/O.

- Need to memorize TT for the processes specially Quality and Risk. But they are easy, aren't they?

- Integrated change control is the most sought after process. Practise lot of questions on it and know the process in and out.

Based on my experience, I suggest the following methodology -

- Read PMBOK first up (ou may not understand much in 1st pass)

- Read Andy Crowe to get a better understanding.

- Once you know the sequence of processes, read Rita Mulcahy to get in-depth knowledge and for extra information.

- Repeat  readings as you deem fit.

- Keep practicing through mock exams (Very important).

All The best for future aspirants


Ashish Agarwal,PMP


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Excellent write up Ashish. Congratulations on your PMP. As always it gratifying to know that PMZilla was of help to you. Thanks

Regards, Admin

Congratulations Ashish.

I need an advice from the group.

I am a I.T professional with 7+ years of experience in software development without any project management experience.
I want to take the PMP exam and get into project management role but not sure if passing the exam will immediately help me become a project manager. Is it advisable to get project management experience and then take the PMP exam or take the exam first so that it will open project management opportunities?

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Congratulations for your great success...


Lakshmi VR Chowdary A, PMP

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I think you have ample experience to qualify for the PMP Exam. If you are a PMP with this experience then at least people can consider you for a Team Lead or Assistant or Deputy Manager post or may be a Project Manager as well.. Who Knows...

I think if you want to make a carrieer in the Project Managerment Field the go for the PMP and write it on your CV, So that other knows that he is technical guy with ample experience and now deserve to be a PM.

Kind regards,

The PMP Guru


Congratulations Ashish!! Thanks for sharing your preparation tips.

Congratulations Ashish!! Thanks for sharing your preparation tips.

I know how you feel. Your experience was similar to mine. Good preparation
makes the actual exam a lot easier. Still, it's hard work before and during
the exam. Enjoy your good fortune now!

Congratulation Ashish.