14 day count down to EXAM!

I have 14 days until the PMP exam...I'm going to record my studies for the next two weeks.


PMPforsure mock test: 100 questions

Result: 63% FAIL- not terribly upset...atleast its not the REAL exam!

I will review and take another mock test in two-three days




Moderately Proficient


Moderately Proficient


Below Proficient

Monitor & Control

Below Proficient


Below Proficient

It is really good that you are not upset Britt. Excellent!!!

PMPforsure is on the higher side when it comes to toughness and class. It is a perfect way to gauge one's preparation. When you are preparing for PMP, one should try to answer questions from one or two level above actual and PMPforsure fits the bill. The ideal time to answer their questions is one month before the exam. If you are scoring 60%+ in PMZilla tough test and PMPforsure, please expect some good news!


I had scored 71 few days back and failed. Out of 5, you can not get more than 1 BP.


All the best for your exam.


Warmly, KK....

I took these free tests so far:

PMStudy – 74%
Simplilearn – 81%
Pmpforsure – Pass with 65% (I=MP, P=BP, E=MP, MC=MP, C=P). How did you fail with 71% then?

- JB

Hi Jasonben aka JB,


It seems you did NOT read my post clearly. I said you are not supposed to get more than 1 BP.


I failed because I scored P, MP, MP, and BP &BP.


Do you think it can be possible?


The other test I took and scored somewhere around 65+ and I passed. This is the irony of PMP/Prometric/PMPforsure.


Last but not the least, if misquoting on this would have got me PMP, I would have become a master in it by now.





Ah, got it now. Last week, one of my friend failed in the PMP exam and he got 3P and 2BP and one of my friend passed with 4MP and 1BP. One has to score consistently well in all process group. True. I am yet to schedule my PMP exam.

brittann & krantikumar50, do you know any other such good test to try for free? Some of the link posted here are crap, in few of the test, I saw answer given along with the question and in some there are 5 choices. Most of the test screen does'nt give a feel of PMP exam test.

- JB

 Is it true for the real exam that even if I get over 60 with more than one BP, won't I pass the exam?

Yes, true.


If you get more than 1 BP, please start preparing for the 2nd time.


Warmly, KK...

The very first and honest answer is that I do not know how PMI does, and if other claims they know, just flush it out.

To my experience and knowledge from my circle, if you secure overall 60%, you will fail in exam, 65% is a borderline.

As you know, PMI has removed official information about PMP passing evaluation techniques. But based upon various discussions I have with my students and the way PMI customer desk responds, its likely true that in order to pass PMP exam you should not get BP in more than 1 process group. However, these apply only to 95% of cases, as I have seen some exceptional case who have passed PMP with 2BP and a person who have failed PMP with 1BP.

Never go by exception as they represent very small probability. The bottom line is that always look for 65% or above marks in all mock test you try in EACH process group to judge your preparations.

Saket, PMP

Hey JB,


Can you please do me a favour? Will you please ask/request/coax your buddy who failed with 3 Ps and 2 BPs to take the test in another 15-25 days. PLEASE. He/she will surely pass.


For free tests, you can try Heads1st (little easy though), Examcental (again on the easier side).


And as we all know there are hardly any free lunches, so you might want to spend on PMStudy test 3 and 4. I have read its pretty close to the real exam. If you are an Indian then you may pay Rs 1200 and buy 1000 questions from www.pmpforsure.com. Dont know what is the charge in dollars though. Again you have Oliver Lehman, free and little tough.


Warmly, KK....

Thanks krantikumar50. My friend Peter is anyway planning to give the PMP in a month again, this would be his 3rd and last attempt.

I took headfirst and examcentral, they are too easy, I secured around 85%. Looking for some tough test. Will think for pmzilla as I see they have tough 200 questions.

- JB

Still JB , 85% is a jolly good score by any standards, easy or tough or v tough.


If your preparation is v good then almost every test will seem easy. You are doing v v well.


PMZilla tough questions is always a fair deal provided you aint taking the test a day or two before the actual test in prometric.


When is your exam due day/date BTW JB?


Njoi... KK.....

Took a (100) question mock test through Transcenders who has a pretty good reputation.



Still struggling in Project Execution...more study and will attempt another test

This is excellent result. Yes, Transcender is a good and quality resource. Regarding Execution, since you still have 11 more days, so you have good time to cover that too. Very Good!!! KK...

Why is Project Execution so challenging for me?

I think I struggle a little in the Execution part of Human Resources...know any tricks to help?


Hi SS,


Please help the lady in distress. With your input we would also learn and implement.


Warmly, KK....

Every human is not good in everything and so we should accept. You still have around 10 days time, why not read chapters from execution process group again?

The scores you have put on is excellent, if this exam is close to PMP type you are on 4P and 1MP.

Securing high percentage has an advantage that it keeps your smiles and confidence high. But the disadvantage is that you do not lean here from mistakes and weak areas and those important aspects are ignored.

Just buy some test or search other tests and try practicing around 100 questions daily for the next 10 days, it should be enough for you.

Saket, PMP



The image of your scorecard is not clear at all. It is not opening.


Thanks, KK...

I scored 82% on the PMSTUDY test last night...planning on taking another later today.

GREAT Britt...


I am more curious to know how did you do on Execution?


Warmly, KK....

Only by knowledge area:

Knowledge Area No

Knowledge Area

% Correct

% Time Taken
(In Min.)

Average Time Taken
(In Min.)


Project Management Framework (20 questions)

90 %




Project Integration Management (13 questions)

92 %




Project Scope Management (15 questions)

86 %




Project Time Management (19 questions)

78 %




Project Cost Management (17 questions)

64 %




Project Quality Management (15 questions)

80 %




Project Human Resource Management (17 questions)

82 %




Project Communications Management (13 questions)

76 %




Project Risk Management (18 questions)

77 %




Project Procurement Management (15 questions)

80 %




Project Professional Responsibility (13 questions)

100 %



Oh yes. I know how PMStudy sends the score. There must have been many right answers also but going in the pre-test area. This is excellent stuff BTW.




Hi Britt: Excellent progress. Keep the tempo and you can do it.


Excellent score, take more test from others. You should grab the PMP.

Tom. M

Hi KK…

Thanks for checking. I am into traveling type job and not stable in any city dude. Planning to schedule my exam around August end.

- JB

I will attempt another mock test this evening!

Took another mock test from PMPforsure...results are weird from the first so I'm just going to continue to study.

Test Name = TEST SET-01
Total Questions = 100

Phase Total No Of Questions Right Answers
Initiation 13 9
Planning 24 13
Executing 30 21
Monitor & Control 25 16
Closing 8 6

Result: FAIL

Percentage Accuracy: 65.0%

Phase Proficiency
Initiation Moderately Proficient
Planning Below Proficient
Executing Moderately Proficient
Monitor & Control Below Proficient
Closing Moderately Proficient

Guys i wanna ask about PMZilla Questions, i've bought it and it seriously drove me crazy!!! Are these questions realistic to the real Exam?