Are these mock test scores ok?

 I am scheduled to Take the exam on Sunday.  So far I have taken 2 mock exams:


Rita’s PMP  (200 questions) – 76%

PMStudy Exam 3 (200 questions) – 75.43%

I am not sure if I should reschedule.

Any suggestions on which mock tests I should take in the next few days?  

I was thinking Lehmans and PMZilla mocks?  

Please help!


These 2 scores looks good. You can try Lehman's 75Q and 175Q as well....


 Thank you!  

I have been taking Rita's fast track mock questions by "process" group and it has helped me alot.  I will do Lehman's tomorrow and then another PMstudy and maybe one more Rita's if I have time.  


Just on precautionary note, identify on which areas you are missing, since you have time of another 3-4 days try to catch-up on those and you all set to be certified, otherwise score looks alright.

Incase if you are fond of numbers / numericals take a second look at it and its likelyhood that you may get all 10-15 questions right. ITTO is another area if understood well can give you a perfect score. Define your strategy to address situational questions which are time consuming. Have enough rest before the exam. Take a look at my blog for "what not to do" and "what to do" for PMP, at your leisure.

All the best!


Makarand Hardas, PMP








Scoring 75% or more is very good, you are doing nice. Take some more good free mock tests as well to judge your preparations:

Oliver Lehmann – 75 Questions
PMPForSure – 50 Questions
Simplilearn – 200 Questions
TechFaq360 – 200 Questions

Study PMBOK IITO many times now. Wish you all the best for PMP exam.

Rameshbabu, PMP

 Thank you!  I will try these exams first and will post my scores over the weekend.  I rescheduled for Wednesday.  nervous...

Thanks for these links.


 I advice you try this:

Your scores are good, but personally I liked to get over 80% before the exam.

Good luck.

Best regards


 I want to get 80% before taking the exam.  Maybe I should reschedule and take another week to study and take these practice exams?? 

I am doing Lehman's today.  

I have to decide today whether I want to reschedule or I lose my whole testing fee.  

 I just finished the Lehmans 175 question set.  Scored a 67%

How is Lehman's rated?  

Ideally around 75% should be good score for Mock test on an average. The bigger question is what all test you have taken so far and how much on an average you are scoring? Just going by Lehmans 175 question with 67%, it would be difficult to take a call. 67% is not bad, however its not good as well.

Saket, PMP

 In the last 3 days I took the following 2 practice tests first and then took Lehmans yesterday.  


Rita’s PMP  (200 questions) – 76%

PMStudy Exam 3 (200 questions) – 75.43%

You are doing good man, on an average you have 70% or more. Great going!

If you have time, take some more test as suggested by people in this chain. Make sure you have confidence before you sit for the exam.

 I took pmstudy 4 yesterday and scored a 74%.  What is your take on this? 


74% in Pmstudy is good score. You are doing good. As per the information I hear from people, you should take Pmstudy just 2 test and not all, as test have similar type questions. The first 2 test of Pmstudy would give relevant result, other if you take would have similar result. But, there is no harm in taking for practice purpose.

 Thanks Saket.  This was the breakdown of my score in the pmstudy 4 exam. I got a 74% overall.  



What is your opinion about the Quality of PMStudy test, took today and scored 80% even though I was really tired after work. Also I am consistently scoring above 84% in Fastrak/Rita KGs,had got better than these scores in Andy,Examcentral etc.

Pmstudy is one in my good list. If you score 75% or more, you are doing good. Since you have taken Rita and Pmstudy and scored close to 80%, I don’t advice you practicing any more mock test. Just read PMBOK now and NO other books, concentrate on IITO’s and PMBOK summery pages.

In real PMP exam, read the question carefully and try to understand it before you look for the choice. Go healthy, fearless and with confidence in the exam.

 Saket - I PASSED! I am soo happy!

I got 4 Moderately Proficient and 1 Proficient.  I finished with only 2 min remaining.  I think I gave myself an ulcer the night before because I was soo stressed out.  





Excellent Goldie! Congratulations on your PMP. I wish you enjoy the success and have lots of fun and parties now. Wish you luck for your project management career.

Saket, PMP

Saket, Makrand all the Gurus,

 I have schedulled it for Sunday and focusing on the following:

1. Nair Notes


3. Summary PMBOK pages

4. Revising wrong questions

5. Quick look at Andy's slides


Anythingin missing 

Please advise !



I would suggest to go through the last couple of chapters from Rita's book. Try to solve the last few excercises from the same book. Have a quicklook at PMBOK page 43.

Rest all I think you have already covered.

Let us know how it goes

- Makarand, PMP