I am new just 1 month, -help needed

Dear all,

I am very much occupied person, working with a fast track project.

Also I am very slow in reading and understanding english.

I have given mock test.

Out of 200, I could solved only 159, and got corrected 100, in 4 hours.

Maths is my strength.

But English language reading and analysing is my weakness.

What to do for fast reading and understanding I mean to catch the clocks needles.

I could not answer of long wordy questions.


I am unable to understand ITTO. how it is helpful. how I can understand it and make useful for better result.

Though I have created a trick  for remembering 42 processes.

see here

I S T     Q C H     C R P

6 5 6     3  3  4     5  6  4

      I   P    E   M   C = initiating , planning, executing , monitoring and controling, closing

6 = 1  1    1     2  1  these are individual processes in process groups and underlineged can be  

                                remembered  as a whole number, with certain relations among each other

5 = 0   3    0    2  0

6 = 0   5   0    1   0

3 = 0   2   0     1  0

3 = 0   1   1    1   0

4 = 0   1    3   0   0

5 = 1  1     3   1   0

6 = 0   5   0    1   0

4 = 0   1   1    1   1

total 42 

Indian standard time IST = intrigation , scope time , have processes 6, 5 6

Quality  control head  QCH = quality cost  hr                                       3, 3  4

Central Reserve police CRP = communication risk procurement        5  6   4

here you can remember, 65-63 and then 3-4-5-6 a serial, last one 4

 it s my trick to remeber processes

but whole ITTO is great gambling.

Please guide me





 Can you explain on your trick.. i cannot understand that.




Reading ITTOs is very easy. Just read page 43 properly and write down all the ITTOs in a single big chart paper along with page 43 process.

Then when u read, you will understand which process output goes to which input and why we use those tools for that process.

For example, most of the inputs to Monitoring and control processes will have Work performance information as input and Work Performance measurement as output.

Any estimate like estimate schedule, estimate cost etc will have expert judgement as tools and technique.

This understanding will help you answer many questions apart from ITTOs as well.

Relate these and read ITTOs and most of the PMBOK reading will be done with this understanding.



I agree with anand, tho i respect every individual's opinion, approach, etc. But for me, making some coding just like sspawar did could not be effective (again, i reiterate to sspawar may be it is greatly effective.) This is just like for instance, you want to remember the color "PINK" then you will say, i have to remember "the combination of red and yellow".

Anand is right, remembering ITTOs is nothing but understanding every ITTO attribute. Tricking the question by paraphrasing could also be effective to remember within the line. For instance, if what is asked is about A as INPUT OF B, try to re-examine by paraphrasing or making secondary questions like: Is B an OUTPUT of A? Can B exist without A?

I read others saying, memorizing ITTO wont help. The truth is MEMORIZING will HELP 100% if ITTO questions are direct to the point. If there are 50 ITTO-direct to the point questions and you MEMORIZED ITTOS, i am very sure, you will get all the 50 points correct. However, the risk is high, once your memory gaps, probably you cannot answer all of them. Wheras, if you understand ITTOs, if you cannot get all the 50 points correct, for sure, you will not be a losser.

Why not try ITTOs practice Test? Test your codings if it works. Try this ITTO quiz == http://www.pmptrend.com/index.php/en/pmp/77-pmp-resources/136-itto-quizzer

thanks for sharing your exp and knoledge  and to pay your valauble time, for me only which was surly not given to any one else of me.

When you say - "But English language reading and analysing is my weakness." Can you explain me this more, its something interesting and out of box I see.

That you have listened my problem.

problem :

when I was going through a mock test , I observed that I could not solved even 120 questions in 4 hours, in a one continuesous sitting.

I observed that average I took 2.0 minutes per question.

I observed that among my staff or colleagues, I read and understand ENGLISH very late.

This is a very vital factor to attempt and get success over 200 questions in 4 hours.

 Wordy questions are big problem for me. I have to read them atleast thrice, and they killed my time 5minutes per questions.


You have highlighted a common problem. Not everyone including ALL PMP certified person across might be expert in reading English…with quick turn around. I am not sure which Mock Test you tried, please DON’T tell me the name, as my individual comments on it might give wrong impression to others who might benefit from it.


From my experience, NOT all PMP questions are lengthy. I would say, its 50-50%. About half of the PMP question can be answered in less than a minute per question, they are almost one liner IITO questions. You can save some time in these questions and put more time in lengthy questions.


Practice a lot, read English news paper, watch English news. Don’t hurry for the exam. The mock test you are you trying, check if it has mix type questions and not all big and tricky questions. Look for options, what people have tried and which mock test looks very close to the PMP exam. Don’t hurry for exam and waste all your money. Use scanning techniques i.e. first read the answer choices and then go to question quickly and look for key words….Do this when you know you are running out of time.


Every individual is different and hence make your own plan and find your own ways. PMP exam is not for kids, it’s for a mature person and hence you can plan your own ways and adopt your own styles. Keep practicing and keep monitoring time, I am sure, since you know the weakness now, you will be able to solve it.


All the best!

good you shared a lot

I already postponed my exam schedule.

ITTO is second problem

I want to share  some thoughts here regarding exam :

  • It is an international status examination, there are many countries with many languages , certainly mother toung is not english. For all people - english oriented or other language oriented (in which exam is not conducted), standard of exam to keep same is little injustice.
  • In real life - actions and decisions are not a one munute events. It has long backup and base. it has sufficient time to decide. A project manger does not mean to be as a commondo of any quick action force or a astronot of a space shuttle.
    I mean quickness or time bounding is to revised, either question should not be lengthy, or number of questions should be less, or time has to set different for different natives.
  • This institue emphasises on Honesty and fairness. But in exam senario it is different, questions are asked in many ways indirectly. I mean they try to decieve or confuse to the exam taker intensionally.
    In my view question should be asked in plain and easy language and litratures. unnecessarily it should not be wraped with confusing dialauges and statements. because in real life/while performing  situations are to be understood by better than what can be described in words.
    If you asked any question with tricky manner , it means you are assessing not its real work skill but you are assessing his/her language and a detective skill. 

Hope you all will be convinced what I wanted to say.


hello dude, your decision to postpone your pmp exam is a wise decision espeically you fell that you are not prepared yet for it. At any rate, to be a PMP may not be in a hurry, rather than hurrying then failing and just lossing your money.

However, i believe that your preparation is already good in some aspects though as what you have said, you are lost already once you encounter wordy and seemingly tricky questions. In my opinion, there cound be no such tricky question if your comprehension is better.

But dont worry, you can make me your study buddy. Follow me in my forum on http://www.pmptrend.com/index.php/en/forum  if i am offline here i am online there. you can post any question which you feel tricky or you need a detailed explanation. I believe in this way, you will be familiarized how questions are understood and deciphered on the basis of what is required, what is the context (situation), some sorts of derivation (if any) and many more.

As you know, the PMP exam may have the following types of questions:

1. Situation Questions

2. Questions with 2 or more right answers but you need to select the best based on the given situation and requrieement.

3. Questions with extraneous information - these are wordy questions with many irrelevant info

4. Questions using made-up terms. these are questions with answers you think as if right. words or phrases are used which is similar in meaning with the PMBOK term, but of course the correct answer is the PMBOK term.

5. Questions which requires comprehension

6. Questions with a new approach to a main topic

7. Questions with more than 1 item in each choice.

8. Excessively wordy questions

I can explain each of these types, follow me in my thread at http://www.pmptrend.com/index.php/en/forum

Pawar Ji – I am from the same country and from the same culture and mother tongue where you are from. I have taught over 500 students in 3 years so far. I do not see you lacking even by 1%, all of my students have more or less the same problem.


Fear of English – Over 80% of the world population does not speak English as a primary language and these people can never be fluent in English and its grammar. Does it mean that only 20% of world population cracks PMP? PMP certified people are available across every corners of the globe, including some rare islands. Morel of this story – To pass PMP you DON’T need to be expert in English. Treat language as a mode for communication and NOTHING else. Please don’t get brainwashed by wrong information that’s being circulated. PMP questions have very simple and understandable English. Its reviewed and assured by PMI that people residing in every corner of this globe can understand it. Just think this way, there are over 4,500 people getting PMP certified every month, such a big number, why you cannot be one? Are you that dumb?


Real Life – In real human life, there is nothing except food, shelter and clothing to live. But in order to grow you have to move beyond this, right? Do you think PMI institute is that dumb that it will create all long long questions that no person can read and attempt in 4 hours? If this is the case will this globe have over 100,000 PMP certified professionals? I agree, every country has different cultures and laws that you see in real life, but at the same time almost all laws are same everywhere, I mean what being written. Just keep in mind, “Never break a law and rules under any condition”, if you keep this in mind and answer questions, many answers would automatically be correct.


Habbit of reading English – The basic problem is, we people always run to achieve 100%. I have strict objection to it as majority of human brain have average development growth rate. Every human cannot be a topper. Why are you running to win award of purity? Why have you made your mind to put time in ALL questions? Why do you not make your mindset - that to pass PMP, I just need 65% accuracy.  PMI documents a word called “Psychometric Analysis”, have you ever read this? I have been always telling in this forum, you cannot PASS PMP with just quality knowledge you have. To pass PMP you don’t need to be good, you need to be SMART. PMP exam long questions are intentional, they want you to get diverted so that you waste time. Think this way, when you watch a 3 hours movie, do you listen all dialogue, word by word? Ofcourse NO, still you understand the movie, isn’t it? Do you understand now? You have to develop similar English reading skills. No one can teach you (like the movie example), you have to find out own ways. You DON’T need to read word by word to understand long questions.


Loss of opportunity – You post a question in forum and ask people, what is the right answer……very good. I see this from a different side, you loose an opportunity to use your brain to find out the right answer. People who are answering actually gains, and you loose. Life gives you opportunity every time, but we people do not even know it and blame the fate. If you see a problem in a question, why don’t you open PMBOK, read the necessary section and find out the answer yourself….Do you not see a potential opportunity to learn and grow? You can make use of forum in a more healthy way, by saying, this is what I feel is right and here is the reason…then ask people for their views to challenge yourself. Notice the difference here.


Good and Bad – In this universe, there is nothing like good and bad. Its only individual perception. I always see BAD good for me, because I can challenge BAD and make it good. If you JUST use good purified products, there is no scope left for you for further purification. Hence, I always say people, please see surrounding and not just a beautiful world inside a small well. The person who just lives in such a small well, can only talk (and trust) about the well because he does not know the outer big world. Your immunity can only become strong when you can face antibodies from across....keep this in mind!


Lastly – PMP is not for kids, its for people who have some management experience, who are matured and have good education. An eligible PMP person cannot be misguided, because a SMART person cannot be fooled. If you get misguided, make out a conclusion that you were not actually eligible for PMP and the entity that fooled you, actually showed you, your mirror image, that you did not see earlier. Take everything positively, even the entity that fools you. Find out your own ways, see yourself and search within you the hidden talent you have. Make your own plan and execute it. Why do you need help from other….common man!


Sorry for this long essay, I am also from a NON English background and I am sure there are lots of grammar error in this, but still readers can understand, right? Motivation for you…..isn’t it?