Passed PMP today

I passed my PMP exam yesterday with 1 MP and rest all Ps.

This was all done with 2 months of preparation and a lot of help from fellow PMZilla members,

Study Material:

- Andy Crowe (Main book)

- PMBOK (Reference Book)

- OSC Training Videos


Practice Exams

Just way too many:

- PMStudy free as well as paid (Exam4)


- Andy Crowe (1 week free access)


Exam Central

- Simplelean


- Tech FAQ

and few more free ones....


Where do i get OSC training videos ? Any link for it ,if so please share it.





I guess you were not looking for free one. This is a paid video, and you should be able to see their banner as the top of PMZilla site.

Its OSP and not OSC, I made a typo here....

Please note that OSP and PM-Prepcast are same.

Here is another link



 In which center you appeared. and what time is it 12.30 in bangalore. 



Hi, congratulations on passing the exam. I will also be appearing for the exam shortly and wanted some tips from you. By the way, do you know a good assignment writer online that could help me? I would love for them to do my assignments for me while I prepare for the exam.