FastTrack Vs PMPForSure

I need to buy one of these exams, what do you guys suggest.

BTW, I already have pmstudy 4 and insite (Andy Crowe) along with free exams available on the net.


Need to practice one more before I write my exam. Any help...



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Check the reviews on this website, you will learn more by reading reviews, search for the keywords

Hey vikasmishra which one you buyied?

My exam is also after a month, i am confused which to buy. Anyone, honestly who tried please comment.

I did not buy any one of them as my exam is in a couple of days and I do not want to get overoccupied with exam.


BTW, pmptrend does not sell PMFast track anyomore. I tried pmforssure but got stuck in paypal process that did not work for me...

Will see how it goes

Hmmmmm, so my confusion still remains. Any other zilla members who can help me here?

I have a month time and I need to get some good mock test soon.

OK, so I bought PMPForSure yesterday. Quality of questions appear to be Okay but there are lots of spelling / grammar mistakes that creates NOISE in the apprehending the question.


Wish me luck everyone. Exam scheduled on 10th......


Wish you the very best Vikas. I hope you will share us a good news on 10th.


All the Best!

I would also buy then. As long as its questions are good, I am ok. Thanks for telling me this.

Buy Ritas Fastrack, these products are proven good, Rita is an internationally recognized pm expert and she herself was once a reviewer of the PMBOK. Her fastrack has complete and detailed explanation referred to her detailed PMP Exam Prep book.


A brutal (true) known Fact:


PMP Re-Examination cost: $275

Rita Fast Track cost: $299


I have already failed in the PMP last time (very badly) and I did buy the Rita Fast Track to prepare. I know very nicely what type of questions comes in the PMP. Thanks for trying to guide me again, BUT, this time I cannot afford to burn $ 575 from my pocket.


Truly said, many people after clearing PMP do not advice “Fast Track” because they know it. Money that you pull from our pocket does not grow in trees and out of your $ 299 not even $20 has been spent in the product, however you have done good marketing, with big-big banners around and advertising in all big paid brands and pulled money from our pockets for these marketing works.


Keep up your marketing works, let people choose the one they like.

BTW, let me clarify it first. I did not buy PM Fast track. This is crazy pricing.

The pricing has to be realistic. As mentioned correctly by SwaroopK, I would rather accept the risk and use $275 as contingency reserve just in case (i hope not) I need to write this exam again.

On a side note, I guess projmanpro was just replying to my question.





 I am also preparing for PMP, I am using PMPFORSURE tests, completed couple of them, I find questions are good and challenging (Situational). really helping me to prepare better.



I bought Rita PMPFastrack some months ago, i alredy did all the Knowleadge area exams,, some minutes ago I registered on pmpforsure and did the 50 free exam,,, and some, maybe I have to say almost all the questions are the same than rita PMPFastrack!!! even the explanation is the same! I recognize the questions so for being sure, I opened my fastrack software and search the question by keyword,,, and bingo, the same questions..



in that case.... i read one post here ini promotion of pmpforsure that fastrack questions are no good and pmpforsure questions are good. In that logic, the eqatuion is like 4+1 = 5 and 5=4+4, how come? :-) hi hi cheers..