PASSED! Am I Lycky or what? (First Try)


I am gonna be brutaly honest here. I dont practise PMI's PMBOK at work nor I had any familiarily of PMBOK 60 hours before my PMP exam. This is a true of my first try pass at PMP exam, with 20 hours studying and the study started approximately 60 hours before the PMP exam

My exam was on last week Monday in the morning and I started studing at 9pm on Friday, this is when - Firstly, I opened the the Rajesh Nair notes from this website and printed the Rajesh Nair Notes. Printing took up until10pm on Friday, then started studying the Rajesh's the excel printouts, reading these notes it took me until Sunday 4pm - reading through and understanding only, & reading only once you tend to foget the ITTO and inputs and outputs of processes.

Secondly, I had an old copy of Rita's book (which I never read anything in this book, except only doing the end of chapter questions quickly - rushing). I started doing questions the Rita's end of chapter questions (all chapters) from about 5pm to until 7am on Monday, up until 2 hour before the PMP exam and from 7am to 8am I spent travelling to the centre and revising the processes and ITTOs.

I was very nervous going into the exam and I didnt sleep for like 48 hours before this. To be honest, out of this 48 hours I was awake, I probably studied about only 20 hours max (other hours were spend chatting, watching tv, but the exam anxious kept me up).

During the exam I had a feeling I was gonna fail the exam, I was very slow in the exam. I never had time to go back to any question in the exam. My 200 questions took me 239 minutes to finish. I scored 2 Moderately Proficient and 3 Low Proficiecy and I passed!!  So guys and girls - if I can do it this way then anyone can, I swear I didnt know the process maps of PMBOK beforehand (even 3 days before exam)! No bullshit and its plain truth. I was the only person to pass the PMP exam at the centre that day (the examiner/reception guy told me).

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Hmmmm.....interesting, congratulations any way..

Passed with 3 BPs and 2 MPs... wow. what luck... wish you had asked something else on that day and am sure yo would have got it as well.

This is not being lucky but sleeping with luck. Anyway enjoy the moment and my sincere sggestion, DONT FOLLOW THIS BLOG AT ALL. PLEASE!!!

Explain why?

While I am in no way questioning your integrity, I find this incredulous since I know someone who just completed the test  a week ago with 4MP and 1 BP and failed and that's on the second attempt.  I saw their result sheet so I know that is a true score. Are there fluctuating standards for passing the exam?


Ok, I know we have read all sorts of answers about passing grade...I have the passing report I received today....

It says verbatim:



Understanding You Exam Results

Your exam results are reported in two ways:

1. An overall pass/fail result score is generated based on the number of questions you answered correctly.

2. The second level of results is the assignment of one of three proficiency levels to each domain.

- and then some bullet details about P, MP, and BP


Read #1...There is simply a pass/fail requirement based on number of questions answered correctly....There is NO failure because you scored too many BPs...if you have 1 question more than the required minumum you pass no matter what your proficiency in each process group.

The grading of your proficiencies in each process group is for YOUR information only so you understand your strengths and weaknesses.


Since the OP got 2 MP and 3 BP, that indicates to me that the score is likely to be in the 60s and 70s range...This is supposition only, but passing is good since it seems the OP barely passed, that helps us extrapolate what the passing score really is, or at least which neighborhood.


Congrats on your PMP certification. But make sure being a PMP, learn more about PM processes in PMBOK guide and implement them in your projects.