Proof of eligibility

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What documents are needed to prove the experience in project managing ?

Also, is there a constraint for the country you have the experience in?

Me, I live in Moldova (East-European country) and for the past 4 years I was responsible for many projects (software related) in an international company. I also have a Moldavian University degree

How do you think will all these take into consideration at eligibility selection, or PMI requires only US/Internationally recognized documents?


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As long as you get an experience letter which is authentic country should not be a problem.

Thanks for the quick replies.

But what do you mean by authentic letter, one with the company stamp on it?

What about the Moldavian Universitty degree? Will they take it into consideration as well?


 According to my experience:

Authentic letter can be on company letter head signed by someone in authority in your company who can be contacted later by PMI, if need arises to verify.

Regarding University Degree, the degree should be recognized by the Government of your country and should be legally accepted in your country. The Degree or University does not need to to have tie up with US Govt. Or PMI.

Thank you very much.

This really helped and inspired me.

Just ask for an employee certificate. You can also have it attested or stamped by a competent authority. - Phillip Elden