Question about Test experience

Hello all!


I have some questions about PMP exam day -


How much time do you have to familiarize w/ the computer based exam before the actual exam starts? I hope they give some 10-15min for this...?


Also how much break do you get during the exam? And is that time counterd in total of 4 hours?

Thank you for your help!


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Yes you will get 10-15 mins and break time is out of your 4 hours, and not extra time. Generally time is sufficient for most candidates

when i gave the exam, i took 1 break for 8 minutes, i went to the bathroom to refresh myself,

I would advice, dont take too many breaks, because it affects the concentration.

try to finish it off in one sitting, take a bathroom break and return to review the marked questions...and hit the submit button.


Thanks you guys for that info!


One more related- do they let you bring water (bottle) at the exam desk?

Thank you for sharing the actual test questions. It is simply one of the best things to actually have when you are preparing for the exams. - Phillip Elden