Cleared PMP Today At First Try

I prepared for exam around 2 months only

 Preparation Material

Important Tips

I completed my exam in 3 hrs.few questions were lenghty.Many questions were confusing because i felt more than one option correct.

I would again say only read PMBOk and solve Mock tests thads it....


Good luck




Congratulations !! My exam is scheduled for 24th Sept. Could you please forward me 101 sample questions on ? 3hours seems to be quite good in terms of finishing the paper fast. Could you give me any tips on managing time while solving the paper ?

Thanks in advance !!

 sent..Read PMBOK and understad tools techniques word by work..solve numerical exams as mentioned above..also try this website as well

once u are confident with pmbok then nothing to worry,



can you please send me the document at

Congratulations !!!

Pls forward the document... at 

Hello and congratulations! I just finished the 40PDU class at simplilearn and am now preparing to study, hope to take exam in late oct/early nov.

Can you please send the docs you mention?

Thank you again and take care.


and two important documents for controlling and excecution shared by ma friends (Anyone needs document please share email adress , i ll forward)..for non PM Zilla members reach me

Hi Alan,

Can you share your experience at simplilearn? How was the teaching and the material which was imparted?

And does it really matter to which institute you join? Are they all same? I am starting with my prep for PMP and hence seeking for guidance.




pls send a copy to


Congrats and thanks for the lessons learned.  

Could you please send study documents to

Thanks and again congrats, hoping to take exam in October.


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 Congratulations !. 

 thanks admin

 Dear Friend,

       Congrats on clearing PMP. Thanks for sharing LL.



Hello congrats on your pass. Could you please send me the documents to




 PLease send the notes to:


Would you pls send the document to my email Address:


Hello Asad,

Pl send the notes on



Congrats...!!! Thanks for your tips.... Could you please forward the notes to


Hi Congrats!!! can you please share the question bank and the other materials you mentioned to

I'm pleased to hear the great news.

Many thanks for the tips. They are much appreciated.

You must  feel very relieved!

May I request you to send me the docs at

Many thanks.


Could you please forward the documents on controlling and execution at Would be really grateful 

Can you please share the two important documents for controlling and excecution. My email



 Hi, Congrats, Can you please send the notes to my email address ? Thank you


Raj Kumar 

Hi Asad,


Congurulation on passing your exam could you kindly share documents on





I would appreciate if you could forward the mentioned documents to

Well done. Please foward the controlling and executions documents to me at

 Can u please send me the materials as well. Congratulations on your success!

 sent to all

Please send me the docs at

Congratulations !!!

I plan to take my exam in Oct/Nov. Pls forward the document... at

Much Apprecaited!


Hi ,

Plz send the materials which u had used... for LL. Since I failed twice with Pmbok4th editions... Kindly can u send me rita8th edition soft copy & Headfirst 2nd edition .. Since I have already bought last w.r.t fourth editions ..So plz send all the materials and Rita,HF to my mail ID.. ..... Really it would be grt help ...

Thanks in Advance...

 Sorry dear i dn hv rita 8th in soft.. ihv a hard material has been sent to ur email adress

Hello, congratulations for your success! I'm almost done reading my PMBOK 5th edition.. could you please send the material.




My exam scheduled on 24th this month.

Could you please share me your notes which you have used as your reference material for PMP.

Thank You.

Would you pls send the document to my email Address:

Congratulations !

I am planning to take my PMP exams by december. Can you please send all the documents in this email id:-

Thanks for your willingness to help !



Great news and congrats! Thanks for your willingness to share your experience and your study notes.  I would like to receive a copy of your notes.  My email address is  Thanks so much!

 Sent to all


Congratulations and thanks for sharing your LL.

Could please send the documents you used to


Can anyone send me the 101-PMP-Sample-Questions-for-the-PMP-Exam to my email ID:

Please send the pdf copy of 101-PMP-Sample question to
Thanks in advance.

Congrats. Pls send notes to

Thank you.



I'm planning to attempt early November

Please send the docs to my mailID:

Thanks in Advance

 Congrats .. Can you please send in the notes to in advance


Congratulations!! Please send me the documents at


Thank You





Can you please forward the documents to my mail id

Thanks for your help!



Congratulations for passing the exam.

Please send me your notes at


Congrats a lot..really great job to get that done so fast...if possible plz share the helping materials for V5 in the mail id :