Cleared PMP with 5 Ps on Jan 8



First off, Thanks and thanks a ton to many unknown names and faces on this forum who have helped me, motivated me and kept my sanity in place.

Mr. Pawar, special thanks to you…


Now, I am very happy to share that I have cleared the PMP exam yesterday [Jan 08, 2013] with 5 Ps and on my first attempt. I dreamt of this day when I will be typing my LL just like most of you. Finally, I have my chance.  I absolutely have a lot to share so, read on J


My Study Material –


  1. PMBOK 4th Edition – several times….forgot the count. Alright this is exaggeration…3 times

  2. Rita 6th Edition – 3 times

  3. Rajesh Nair notes – 2 times

  4. My personal notes – lot of them - once

 Tests that I took: Several!!


  1. Scordo – 7 through 18 [Easy test until 13 score varied between 80-85%. Hard was between 75- 82%]

  2. PMI Study 1 – free test [82.4%]

  3. PMI Study 2 – paid  [80.2%]

  4. PMI Study 3 – paid [87%]

  5. PMP for sure – 76%

  6. Head First – 85%

  7. Exam Central

  8. Tech360 – 83%

  9. Rita all Knowledge areas [ lowest score 75% in Risk and procurement. All others above 80%]

  10.  Oliver Lehman 75 [80%] and 175 [75%]

  11.  PMZilla free 30 questions

  12.  Frank T Anbari


Note: The first time I ever took a test was on PMI’s free 30 questions I guess and I scored 58%....terrible! I know…That’s when I re-read both books once again!!


Exam Day experience: Worst!!! I was not myself at the time of test…I could not concentrate until the first 45 minutes. Why? I THINK I over read the same material from PMBOK that I was not able to focus on new questions…happens!! I remember I was on Q38 and I wasn’t sure if I was answering the questions because I understood the question or it was a fluke. I was very nervous. The moment I waited for so long was right there but I was loosing it. Either the question was too simple or too hard…my state of mind was lost. I marked 80 questions overall…..

I took my first break after 50 minutes. Went to the restroom, had a 1:1 with myself – Just asked two questions:

  1. Do you want to go through this ordeal again? 4 hours of test???

  2. Do you want to go through both books one more time?


Luckily, my mind was sane enough to say “no” to both questions ;) So, I got myself back up…went back, attempted another 55 questions… still not confident….but I was marking questions meaning that yes! I will revise those in the end…After 101 question, until 199…I knew I nailed it!! I think I had very few incorrect questions in he second half. I had 1 hour and 15 minutes left to review my marked questions from the first set of 100. I reviewed my questions and changed about 20% of those. But, in the end, it was me back on! Using my brain. Reading every question and getting confident!


So, moral of the story…Things may get loose DURING the exam, get a grip of yourself. No matter how less or hard you studied it’s all about that one day when it matters the most so get a hold of yourself and be calm!


My Feeling about the exam:


1. It’s not hard but it’s not easy. It tests you for your knowledge.

2.  No cramming is good. I did a brain dump [which I don’t why I did just because so many people mentioned that on forums…I too did it]

3. I understood ITTOs – why they are used and their importance.

4. Memorized the formulas

5. I did not have any direct ITTO, perhaps 1 or 2. That’s it.

6. I don’t know what going on with Ethics has…looked like the section’s taken out.

7. The exam is highly scenario based. You cannot do it if either you don’t have industry experience or if you haven’t taken tons of scenario based questions

8. There may be questions that are really lengthy so if that throws you off, mark it and come back

9. Questions may have wording that makes no sense and you’ll be like “are you kidding me?”” so, focus on the REAL problem

10. You may be given data about math problems that’s not relevant so, don’t worry if you don’t make use of everything

11. Double check your math answers – they are sure shot a right hit! I had about 20 question from all over possible area

12. My advice, perhaps  useful – READ the question. You don’t get it? RE-READ it and Re-read the choices. Ultimately, you’re answer is right there. Re-read until it all makes sense. Sometimes, you’re just not reading it right or enough!

13. The longest questions are the easiest to crack

14. Memorization is good but understanding is the key! Focus on the areas that you fail the most to get a full value

15. I took several paid PMI test and the real one [off course] I generally felt that first half was harder than the second half. But, don’t let this make any impression on yourself.

16. Please read PMBOK, It’s the bible but you definitely need something to supplement it. I did Rita, Liked her a lot! Folks recommend Head first [BTW if I hadn’t cleared the exam, I would have bought this book and read]


Be confident! You can just do it! Remember, it’s all about composure! Best of luck and if I can be of any help, that’d be my minimal contribution to the  folks of this community!



Congtatulations, RASHI !!

Its a wonderful success.


Welcome to the PMP club....5P's is a great achievement ..your post must have been an inspiration for all the aspirants there

Congrats again ..Celebrate your success




COngrats man.


I want to ask from u and all the others who have passed the PMP exam.

In many mock exams, I have noticed maths questions on Beta and Triangular distribution, statistics, t sampling, z sampling, etc.

Are such topics covered in the real exam? 

PERT or 3 POINT or 3sigma or SD or Variance or probability related -- 1 minute (av) duration question come under this category.

you are imagining longer/bigger questions, will never be asked.

Network question also may be biggerr. but only short question is asked.

like pta/ or fpif/cpif also fall under bigger category

though your basic should be strong, and awarenrss is always good.


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Congrat to U. can u pls send your notes to me via Many thanks

 Thank you all! 

@ Raza82: I have not seen any questions on distribution ever! I don't think you need to calculate it. It requires a software to do that. For the exam I learnt what those are... Why those r used and what does the graph mean! What's plotted on the x axis and y axis . Never encountered any question!

@Sunflowerboy- I will send it today after work 

we're in different time zone I am guessing



Congrats on your success. CAn you please send your notes to me



Congrats on your passing the PMP with 5 P's! Could you please send your notes to

Thank you.



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 Congratulations!!!. Can you please send your notes to

 Congrats man!. Every part of your LL made a lot of sense!!. keep it up!!!.

 Please can you send me notes as well.I'm a network engineer mostly work on executing of  project.I have being studying hard to crack this exam before the pmbok 4 time is



Folks - I have sent the notes to those who requested.

@FEKASNG : I got a failure delivery report with your email. Do you have alternate ID that I use?

Would you mind sending me your notes to

Thanks in advance!

 Please share your nots with me


Congrats buddy....


Please share your notes with me  





Welcome to the club!!



Congrats and welcome to the gang of 5Ps! :)

~ Diba

 Congrat to U. can u pls send your notes to me via

 thanks 4 u

  Congrats Friend,

        Thanks for sharing your LL.



 That's very thrilling to hear must be awesome experience for you..

It was indeed! I don't think I will forget this ever but then all this teaches a lot!

Congratulation for passing exam, your score seems to be at a top class. Congratulation. I am acoring in above exam in a range of 65-75%. Never able to touch 80%. COuld you please share me your notes


Thanks in advance and once again congrats


Can you please send me your notes to



Thanks, Sameer.

I'd say keep trying and most of it keep uncovering your gaps, that's the way to go. Work on your weak chapters first and keep knocking one hurdle at a time. Take many tests. Scordo's are good tests.

I have sent you my notes and to all other folks ...Hope this help!

Good Luck!

"I have cleared the PMP exam ... with 5 Ps ..."

What does that mean?

What percentage did you get?


Congrats and njoy the success , can you please forward me ur notes to 

Can you please send the notes please.

Hi - Sorry for the late reply

The exam tests you for 5 process groups - Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/ Controlling and Closing and it tests you at 3 levels -

BP - Below Proficient

MP - Moderate Proficient

P - Proficient

You can have only 1 BP but all other 4 have to be MP or P. So, when I said I got 5 Ps, I meant to say that I scored proficient in all 5 process groups. Hope this makes sense.


Congrats dear..


Pls send ur notes to me as well 



can u please send ur notes to


i am also looking for rajesh nair notes..


Congrats on scoring 5P's, could you pls send me your notes to



Congratulations Friend. Can you please send me your notes?? My email address is

Many Thanks,



 Congrats! Wishing you very best in your career with this success!


Can you please forward me ur notes to ?

Congrat to U. can u pls send


PMI’s free 30 questions.  Can someone pls give the exact pointer?